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  1. Slava Class

  2. I read some memoirs by old PLAAF pilots these days.Most of them about KAW.I found some intresting stuff here 1 Camoflag for MiG-15. Camoflag was used in early battels in Korean.In the begainning,VVS worried about "Friend fire"form ground A-A weapons.(For MiG-15 and F-86 are similar) This is why MiG-15 have camoflag 2 Mission allocation In 7.9.1952,red united force had a meeting about mission allocation VVS:3 IADs (9 IAPs) ---7 IAPs in frontal,main target:F-86,took bad weather missions and night missions KPAF:1 IAD (2 IAPs) ---1 group(Sq?) in frontal,main mission :guerrilla.(check bad Charile?) KPAF also have some Yak-9 for Frontal battels????? AFAIK NK have no MiG-15 IIRC in KAW???? We need Po-2 and Yak-18 for check bed Charile !!! ( We got CJ-6 but that is not full copy) PLAAF:FADs (12 FARs)---8 FARs in frontal,main target:bombers and attackers. First night training for PLAAF was in 8.6.1952/4th FAD.This tells us,if you met any MiG-15 in night mission,that must be VVS. We could set 2 kinds of MiG-15 in date.ini One should be MiG-15VVS (Set AircraftCapability=DAY_AND_NIGHT)and one should be MiG-15PLAAF(Set AircraftCapability=DAY_ONLY) Most combat happend over 7KM,because 7KM+ was for airforce and 7KM- was for AA guns 3 MiG-15Bis and KAW MiG-15Bis first introduced into PLAAF in 1952. between 8.23~10.17 1952, 348 MiG-15Bis delivered to PLAAF.134 more bewteen 5~10 1953.Most likely all FADs upgraded MiG-15bis before end of war. 4 Time line of PLAAF divisions join battle. 1951.1.21 ~1951.1.30 4th FAD first time 1951.9.12~1952.4 4th FAD second time 1951.10.20~1952.1.14 3th FAD first time and 22th FAR??? (Tu-2) 1952.7+ 7FADs :time line: 2nd FAD,14th FAD,6th FAD,12th FAD,15th FAD,16th FAD,17th FAD,18th FAD All of time fly MiG-15 except 4th FAD LA-11 Some US claimed they shot down LA-9,but there are no La-9 in PLAAF,that is La-11 5 Pilot training VVS 2 IADs in first batch are well trained The other IADs in other batchs are normal trained Most PLAAF FADs are very bad trained ----about 10 hours fly experience,no air combat trained in 1951. Looks most KPA pilots trained by VVS before war. 6 NK ACE pilots Maybe too much claimed????
  3. I found this PLAAF got some troop featured skin before 2007 PLAAF 1st Division "Pantheratigrisaltaica"
  4. NK in state of war with the South?

    If you really want to talk about a pig's life..... I had to tell you that what Kim doing just because Kim met BIG problem insde NK. Easy exmple:can you trust a 20 years top leader without any experince? Just because he is ex-leader's son? No one can do that. Same exmple happend to much in Mid-age,young King always got minister's betrayal. So Kim is just act,act as a hero so that NK people can trust him. But Kim act too bad......as bad as a pig's daily life.........
  5. NK in state of war with the South?

    Hi,men,you really care a pig's daily life?
  6. You can try to install izd.117S engine and Zhuk-AE radar. A-A weapon should be 2x R-73 + 2xR-77or 2x KS-172 Zhuk radar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhuk_radar izd.117S https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_AL-31
  7. Best time line is 1996. USN F-14 A-6 A-7 F-18A/C ROCAF: F-16 F-5 F-104 F-CK-1? PLAAF: Su-27SK J-8 J-7 Q-5 H-6 H-5 J-6(?) J-5 UAV(?) Advanced flanker plus mass old stuffs VS small number advanced fighters Balance and great
  8. More for skinners The eariles introducing of old J-11 was in "meeting 825",1969 for experience of battel in Vietnam and Mid-east.The old J-11 is a 9-ton,high maneuver medium fighter desighed by Sheng yang,601.Their are 3 plans for J-11: plan A with 2xWP-6C engine,Max speed 1.75,canceled due to low speed. Plan B with WP-7C,but aircraft is to heavy for WP-7C(WP-7C is good enough for 7-ton fighter,but J-11 is 9-ton more).Plan C installed with a rolls-royce "spey",and this is the best plan.The aircraft looks very similar to Mirage F-1. But this is not copy.This aircraft fitted with a 645 or 204 radar(WTF!?),armed with 2x 30mm gun,and 2x IR missile(may be PL-7,R-550 copy).This J-11 program is cancelled for economic construction in 1980s. Program paper for old J-11 Specifications: Length: 15.76 m Wingspan: 8.695 m Empty weight: 8700 kg Max speed: 2.0~2.2 mach T/H: ~1 Ferry range: 2352km Someone made this
  9. AFAIK,what they want is much more than normal people's image. They tried to get F-16/79,even F-14(not sure) and F-15(there was a F-15 copy program called old J-14/1970s) They also upgrade Q-5(Q-5M) and J-7(J-7IIA and J-7H) J-8(Peace Peal program)by western technical.

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