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Avoid this company.

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If anyone is ever likely to need a host, for their website or whatever, avoid these crooks.


I've had at least two domain packages with them in the past, both terminated after the initial term (paid for for two years each, up front).


I still own one of the domain names and I thought I'd set up a new package with them, using the same domain. Apparently, according to them, I never cancelled the last one at the end of the two-year term (I did in fact) and they continued to try and bill my card.

I was actually completely unaware they were one of those companies that tried to pull that particular scam, but they now tell me it was "in the terms and conditions". Yeah, and we all know about that little wheeze, don't we. ;)


So, they tell me I'm £109 in arrears, they won't set me up with a new package or release the domain (not bothered about that) unless I pay it and would rather lose the new business I was going to put their way (£160's worth).


The first chap I was speaking to refused to let me speak to the manager, got arsey, and hung up on me when I informed him I was recording the call. The second chap basically admitted something had been screwed up when I terminated the account at the end of the two years but said there was nothing they could do now to sort it out.


The basic point is this, they'll take your money up front for the initial term (one or two years), and then bill you without your authority at the end of that term, citing they have the right because it's (hidden) in the "terms & conditions".


Avoid them. Not only do they engage in that fraudulent practice, they are rude on the phone and incapable of sorting any of it out to the customer's satisfaction.


I'm still laughing at how they'd rather throw new business down the pan AND suffer bad word-of-mouth. :grin:


Anyway, need a new host...any good unlimited-bandwidth UK hosts who charge an upfront annual fee? Streamline were at least good at that.

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