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  1. That's the last post, not the first unread post (which is what I meant to say previously).
  2. I always feel like they want your marketing footfall for the cheapest possible outlay. Seriously, I think some desperate developer somewhere is paying them to run the software.
  3. Has to be about the shittiest software I've ever encountered. Not only does it look like donkey balls, it has no content preview when holding the cursor over the topic title and it has no button to go directly to the last unread post. Seriously, what kind of retard implements 1980's software like that? I'll probably get told off now.
  4. Umm...

    I'm sorry but I'm with Erik on this and understand exactly where he's coming from. Seeing the competition and the OFF dev leeching files without so much as a by your leave would have made me see red and I'd have pulled this entire forum. It simply takes the piss. And if it was being done in complete ignorance of Erik's feelings...that level of ignorance is beyond contempt. One point Five terabytes of frikking data? Really? And at no point did either of you think "Hmm, this is a bit...cheeky...a bit...parasitic..." ?! Six days, during which no release was even remotely on the cards, and you decided to jump ship? You assumed what, that it was more likely CA was gone forever vs a server fire or something? Really?! REALLY?! Pull the fucking other one, it was simple self-serving expediency. There's a thing called honour, fucking look it up.
  5. Umm...

    Heya Louvert! I just came across your avatar at SimHQ while researching "does pat wilson's campaign generator have medals?". Why yes, it does, and I found your thread with your beauties on display. I'm afraid I'm abandoning OFF. I installed Lothar's OFFice (full package) and him and me spent a while last night getting it working. He supplied three bug-fixes for me on the fly (1.0.6) and we got it all going finally. Unfortunately...wow, the graphics really are...hmm, how to be polite...damn it...they suck huge wad. And I was getting as low as 18fps with the graphics settings and sliders as they should be (OFF recommended). I have a pretty powerful PC. Then the incredible porpoising of the planes. And a bunch of other stuff. I have no idea if these woes were caused by OFFice or the game not working so well with W7-64 and modern hardware. I couldn't even configure key-strokes to my joystick from within the game, my joystick (Cyborg Fly 5) wasn't recognized and it locked up the game when I tried. Did I mention the graphics? Holy mother of god, what happened to my memory? I never remembered them being that bad compared to RoF. Detail sliders on 4 or 5, so it's not that. It's just...old. Very very old. So I'll be giving WOFF a miss I'm afraid. Oh, I forgot, it's vapour-ware anyway. Meanwhile Pat Wilson's generator for RoF may be the game's salvation for me. It has some issues, namely the DH2s of 24 Sq losing a few planes into the hangars on take-off. The planes start off facing them and the two or three on the left of the line-up don't try to avoid them on take-off. Bloody AI morons. Anyway, thanks for the splendid medals for RoF old chap! Spiffing, what what!
  6. Umm...

    I don't grasp the concept of 'thread hijacking'. Especially not when I agree with the sentiments expressed therein.
  7. Umm...

    Erik, I said at the time I thought the move sucked donkey balls. You guys bent over backwards for OFF but it only took a little bit of a stumble for all that to be forgotten. I was not impressed. At all.
  8. Umm...

    Ah. Thanks Hasse. :)
  9. OFF and SSD

    This thread just made me go order another 8gb of RAM. And yes, I have SSDs.
  10. https://picasaweb.google.com/114682566226043469349/Zdj_samolot?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCKjxkt6rkNTFKg&feat=directlink#

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