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Can anyone go back to simouthouse ...

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i do not find the old forum, since they turned it off - but there was still a direct link working, so if anyone still has the direct link ... i edleted mine when switching the OFF forum link to Combatace.com.


In the sticky section of the old Phase 1+2 forum there was a post how to setup Phase 2 - i know it since i wrote it.

Would be fine to have this here ... anyone ?


Thanks and greetings,


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here,,,save you some time





cfs3 must be patched to 3.1a, and have been run at least once before you can install off2


This is the link for the cfs3 3.1 and 3.1a patches http://www.microsoft.com/games/combatfs3/downloads.aspx




1) OverFlandersFieldsPhase2ReleaseV1.0.exe 790 MB


2) OverFlandersFieldsPhase2SkinsV1.0.exe 1.01 GB


3) OverFlandersFieldsPhase2VidsV1.0.exe 530 MB


You do not need to install the skins pack or the vids pack but you will miss out on a lot of what OFF is all about if you do not!!.


Note that there will be an "MCI Error" popup from time to time in OFF if you do not have the videos installed.


After you install the three core files you must then install the other files in this order:


4) latest update patch (at the time of writing currently it is 1.9)


5) latest hotfix (1.9e)


If you are installing on vista, there are some additional tasks that may have to be performed. Be sure to look at the posts in the sticky section.


More info on patches and current status here:




Be sure to look at the readme on the dvd. It is a little confusing at the beginning as I think when OFF2 was availaable for download it came with an installer, however, it is not that difficult to understand what parts need to be followed. Section 1.3 (running the config file) is very important.


If you go to use multiplayer, and attempt to host a game, be sure to deselect the box that says something like "display my game in the cfs server list". Multiplayer has to be done ip to ip, so if you host a game, post the fact that the game is up in the OFF forum, and post your ip addresss.


pd's mp tuturial is now a sticky in the forum, and is a must for gettting your mp game up.


Also, Teamspeak seems to be used by alot of flyers for communcation while in multiplayer. The site is teamspeak.com, and all you need is the client download (about 5.5mb). Naturally you will need a mic, and if you have problems with feedback thru your speakers, you may need to switch to headphones.


The settings for teamspeak are as follows...


Label: OFF outlaw server


Server Address: (note..that is a colon before the 8767)


Nickname What ever you chose


Anonymous should be checked.


Pass Word camel


this site has some pretty good info for tweaking off2




Any other questions, dont heseitate to pm me, ( i dont know all that much about it all,,,). or just post a question in the forum.


If you come across any issues you think should be added to this sheet, please let me know. As I run into problems and info, I just pretty much update it for the next dvd going out.


see you in the air...


















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Don't know if this has been posted here on CA before but...


Install OFF on Vista Machines Redaux...A better way!


After installation of CFS3 and CFS3 patches and running CFS3:


Restart computer in safe mode (Hold down F8 key during startup).


Right click on each OFF installer icon; select "Run as Administrator" and install each section in order (Phase 2 release, skins, video, updates).


You will receive an error message stating the "OLEAUT32.dll" will not register. Close the error message box buy clicking the "X" in the upper right corner and allow the installation to proceed.


Restart computer in regular mode (reboot).


Goto the CFS3 folder, find the CFS3.exe icon, right click to select properties and set compatability to "Windows XP".


Goto the CFSWWI Over Flanders Fields folder and set the OFFmanager.exe and shell.exe to "WindowsXP" compatibility as you did to CFS3.exe.


Restart computer in "Safe" mode (F8) and runn OFF. OFF should initilize. Exit OFF and restart in regular mode.


OFF should now run with out any problems under the Vista operating system. Using "Safe" mode to install and initilize bypasses processes and services that interfer with the proper placement and copying of files.


I would like to thank "wisicu" for the tip on using "Safe" mode.


P.S. So far there is no "Hang on exit bug".



Hope this is helpful to someone





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