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Well, folks, the place on the iNtarweB that I used to post my reviews didnt get much traffic, and I figure you guys are as close to a captive audience as Im gonna get, so here goes! I consIder myself lucky to have happened upon this job, and its truly the one job Ive had that I can say I love. I work at a resort that Is the #1 small concert venue in the United States, and by small I meen a 5000 seat outdoor ampitheater. We also put on indoor shows, but I cant recall the seating amount,,,w/e.

Basically, I keep up to 28 bar stations supplied at the outdoor shows, and make margaritas by the barrel (seriously), and for the indoor shows I usually work loadin/loadout, which is unloading and helping set up all the equipment, and the same in reverse at the end of the show which is cool because I get the chance to handle some awesome instruments at times. Its kinda like being a roadie I guess.

But enough about me,,,,,so without further adeu,,I call this little mess of mine,,**********************AND THE BEAT GOES ON***************

And so another season begins, (YAY) with who else but, the hardest working man in rock and roll,(hardest drinking, too), Mr. Eddie Money. Accompanying him is his daughter,who is HAWT, and not a bad singer either.

After four years working there, it just wouldnt be right if Eddie Money DIDNT play at least once, LOL, hes almost a fixture anymore. But what the hey, he still puts on a decent show, albeit hes a bit winded at times. Actually, him and his daughter are quite friendly compared to some that have played here. I remember last time he played I stood at the stage loading dock talking with his daughter for about 30 minutes, all the while having no idea who she was! Oh well, sometimes it all becomes a blur, hell ,I gotta write these as soon as possible after the shows or I have trouble remembering who played when.

Opening act will be a local band that Mr. Bennet, our fearless leader, is promoting called "The lost boys",,,,,

yeah, I know, kinda cheesy name, but apparently he thinks they are gonna be the next big sensation, as he has made it known that they take priority over all else this year,(not including opening acts, of course). Yep, thats what we need, another boyband, not a one of these kids is over 17, heh. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!!

So I guess we'll be allowed to work another year, (thats a whole other can-o-worms) and got a few good shows lined up, and the one Im waiting for personally is,,,,,,,,,,wait for it,,,,,,,,,

CHEECH AND CHONG!!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly,,,,far out man!

Ok, I gotta get ready to go to work, more later.

**********************AND THE BEAT GOES ON***************


For more info on show listings, go to www.konoctiharbor.com

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WOOT! someone read my post,lol.

Of course it was the usual show he puts on, all his hits, but I tell ya, Eddies getting on in years.and the audience ends up doing most of the singing but what the hell, they enjoy it. I did end up with a little souvenier to add to my collection, his daughter was wearing some boa looking kinda thing around her neck and ended up leaving it on stage, (SNAG!) Turns out its one of those body stockings thats the size of a tube sock but can stretch to like ten times its size. Its cute and all, but its just not my color, LOL.

AND THE BEAT GOES ON,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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