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  1. I'll Just Post This Silliness Here.

    On a more serious note. CL
  2. Any plans For SEAC roundels on SEA skin ? CL
  3. Humpday Heavies

    In what time zone is it Saturday allready ? CL
  4. Humpday Heavies

    That looks extremely spot on. CL
  5. That F9F post gets my nomination for post of the month on this thread. CL
  6. Returning to the boat for more self propelled rifleman, M-14, Green, One each. CL
  7. Not the best screenie but I was pretty busy at the time.
  8. I have only a few MIG Screenshots. If I dig around I might have some more. CL
  9. Liberty in Cubic Bay, Hong Kong, Sasebo, Pataya Beach, Perth, and Singapore. CL
  10. Secret Weapons of America. CL
  11. I was thinking when i 1st saw the twin jet hawk that it looked more or should be a Bell product. CL
  12. Everything looks better in SEAC warpaint. I still think the UK should of sent Buccaneers to the SEA conflict with a SEAC warpaint. CL

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