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  1. Very nice F7F doing everything. That Marine VMO-6 skin in green would be very bitchin' on a A-1H or AD-5. CL
  2. Nice. I Always wondered if we could and how to use multipe weapons groups on a TER for a plane that only has a handful of hardpoints as A-4s, F-8s, F-100s, and such. CL
  3. I was thinking we could take back Long Beach Naval Station. CL
  4. Really? I have some intel that there are SA-7s on the roof and in the bushs CL
  5. A Ride in the B-29

    Bitchin' office. CL
  6. Major Roger Healey Passed away

    RIP Bill Daily CL
  7. TY fearless one. CL
  8. I can't wait ! CL
  9. F-4S_Beta.7z

    Very nice. and after that i will snivel for all the CAG-5 skins for the aircraft on the Midway in the 80s. CL
  10. That Navy / Marine interceptor takes the what if prize Stratos. CL
  11. Wow, What a wicked reference source: https://www.scribd.com/document/221840883/184764872-SAM-Modellers-Datafile-05-the-Supermarine-Spitfire-Partt2-Griffon-Powered CL
  12. Sounds like what the US Navy has been doing since they bone yarded their A-6s, A-7s, and F-14s CL
  13. Tough one. Spaghetti and eggs on the bill are for commanders and above so i'm think only 2 commanders, the CO and XO With that uniform the rank is on the end of the sleeves. Even if there was a standard org chart there would be fluidity with promotions, attrition, augmentations and such. CL

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