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  1. Hmm? I forgot what chapter in the NATOPS has the the direction on how to properly sit in the seat, but clearly this Naval Aircrewmen needs to comprehend it. CL
  2. Fair Winds and Following Seas. I hope all works well for you. If you see Dale Dye tell him we said hey and I miss listening to him on KFI. CL
  3. Ryan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Firebee CL
  4. F-8 Crusaders were deployed on a carrier in the south china sea at that time and i believe they were steaming that way. F-105s were scrambled from Clark I believe but got canceled. CL
  5. Handsome Gooney Bird there Richo. CL
  6. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    A new car ? I would need a time machine 1st.
  7. The smoke launcher in the sponson full of mk-25s. A working MAD bird on the other side. 12 or more passive sonobouys. I don't think I remember a whole lot of extra bouys. another 12 would not be hard to stow. The dipping sonar was our main sensor. It had 3 frequencies so 3 helos could work an area or target. Our Airwing had no S-3s. If we did have bouys out for a contact the smallboys, destroyers and frigates would most certainly charge thru our pattern. I don't remember how many channels the bouys had but we unlike an S-3 or P-3 could only monitor 1 at a time. CL
  8. If we thought we needed more then 12 we would carry more then 12 since we could reload the tubes in flight. CL
  9. Cold War Movies

    ok how about the mouse that roared, the green berrets, flight of the intruder, heartbreak ridge, and clear an present danger ? CL
  10. Cold War Movies

    Balls. Somebody beat me to it. CL
  11. Does this mean 12 is not enough ? CL
  12. very nice indeed. Hmm! nose art ? or what if A-7Ds were kicked down to them ? CL

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