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  1. The Soviet Whiskey class boat is based or was even copied from the German Type 21 boat. Another good cold war submarine for this thread and stuff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiskey-class_submarine CL
  2. I think there might be a depth bomb in an Argentine weapons pack somewhere. But for this time period I think the common tactic was to blast them with guns and rockets after they found them on the surface recharging their batteries or attempting some double digit surface speed. Sensors would be radar and night vision from the mark 1 mod 0 human eyeball. CL
  3. "In early 1961, the United States Navy announced a development study for a replacement for the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk announcing the VAL (Heavier-than-air, Attack, Light) competition stipulating that all proposals had to be based on existing designs and with increased range and payload when compared to the A-4 plus increased accuracy in the delivery of weapons. This coincided with the appointment of Robert McNamara as the new Secretary of Defense for the incoming John F. Kennedy presidency and McNamara wasted no time in directing the Air Force to adopt both the Navy's F-4 Phantom and the Navy's new VAL program." No language there to replace the A-1 Skyraider. CL
  4. Very nice F7F doing everything. That Marine VMO-6 skin in green would be very bitchin' on a A-1H or AD-5. CL
  5. Nice. I Always wondered if we could and how to use multipe weapons groups on a TER for a plane that only has a handful of hardpoints as A-4s, F-8s, F-100s, and such. CL
  6. I was thinking we could take back Long Beach Naval Station. CL
  7. Really? I have some intel that there are SA-7s on the roof and in the bushs CL
  8. A Ride in the B-29

    Bitchin' office. CL
  9. Major Roger Healey Passed away

    RIP Bill Daily CL
  10. F-4S_Beta.7z

    Very nice. and after that i will snivel for all the CAG-5 skins for the aircraft on the Midway in the 80s. CL

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