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Taiwan F-5E Type C Tiger

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Taiwan F-5E Type C Tiger

Taiwan F-5E Type C Tiger/Or "Zhongzheng" Mod by ErwinHans


This is a Mod of Dave's RoCAF F-5E


RoCAF got 308 F-5Es/Fs from US from 1973 to 1986.


in 1990s ADIC tried to update them to a new generation.


F-5E Type C Tiger II,AOA display is moved to left nose.With new AN/ALR-46 RWR.And AN/ALE-40 flare/chafe dispear.And maybe with AN/APQ-159 radar,and can use AGM-65B. The F-5F Type-C two-stear with a AN/AVQ-27 LD,can guild GBUs.



Skins by Sony Tuckson


Modded with permission from BPAO.


All else done by USAFMTL.


Just install to your objects/aircraft folder and fly.


You must have all original F-5E by the Mirage factory to get all the effects etc for it.


Also use the latest wep pack from Bunyap.



And I did some ini work,updated F-5E to Type C


With in Lindr2 's TC-2 and TC-1 and a TC-1 model form Insky.


And I'm so sorry that forgot Boz's skin, a/c # and the unit logo


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