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OFF BHaH Random Engine Trouble Emulator

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Salute All,


Since I am still very new to OFF I am not sure if this has been discussed before, (though I imagine it has), but I thought I would mention the idea none-the-less. As most of you likely know from your Great War studies, the early planes were bedeviled by intermittent engine problems. Defective parts, dirty fuel, mis-adjustments, and a myriad of other issues all resulted in engines suddenly acting up or conking out altogether. To simulate this when I fly I have developed the following system.

You will use four standard dice. After take-off and as you begin your circle of the field to form up you roll the dice, and are then bound by these results:



9 = Second dice roll before crossing the mud.


15 = Second dice role after crossing mud.


11 = Second dice roll upon reaching assigned target.


24 = Engine drops to 50% power, (hit #5 key immediately).


21 = Engine drops to 10% power, (hit #1 key immediately).


5 = Fuel mixture will not function. This means you can either continue the mission and fly at lower altitudes, or turn back and land.


13 = Catastrophic engine failure, you must immediately shut off engine and pray you have somewhere to land.



If you must roll the dice a second time I recommend you do it either well before engaging EA, or after a dogfight if you took no damage during the engagement, (and I make that stipulation because with the latest upgrade if you did take damage you will already have your hands full trying to get home anyway). Feel free to use this idea as you wish. It does add yet another realism layer to an already deeply immersive combat experience.





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