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  1. . I seem to recall I was one of the moderators for this forum, once upon a time, and you may be right about Dej. Olham may have been one way back when too. Thanks again Eric for keeping the doors open and the lights on for us, it is much appreciated Sir. BTW, since I am here and looking at them right now, are than any new medals you need added to your board since I made the original batch for you? I'm sure I saved all the artwork as I don't tend to ever throw anything away.
  2. I agree about the ghost image. I thought that hoop looked more pipe-like as well and I am wondering if the OAW-built machines used a different block at the back of the camshaft that had the tach drive coming out the top instead of the end. If so, a conduit with the cable running through it until it got below the decking would make sense, not only in terms of durability but also in terms of keeping the cable from flopping around directly in the pilot's forward line of sight. I'd love to see that drawing Jim.
  3. Jim, those are excellent photos showing a lot of detail as regards this issue. It's obvious in that first pic that whatever the loop is it is attached via a nut at the forward end. Also in that pic it almost looks as if there are a pair of identical loops side-by-side, though it may just be some odd shadowing or reflection, perhaps even some "ghosting". In the second pic it certainly looks like a cable sweeping down in under the combing and heading directly towards the backside of the tachometer.
  4. Upon further consideration and study my opinion is that the loop in question is the drive cable for the tachometer. Didn't said cable attach to the back of the Mercedes engine up at the rear of the camshaft? That would place things just about right for a cable that was supplied in too great a length to be, out of necessity, looped upward from the back of the engine before sweeping back down under the cockpit combing and attaching to the tachometer. EDIT: I was actually posting this as you were posting yours Jim - great minds think alike eh? :o) ADDITIONAL EDIT: Looks about right to me, but then I've been wrong before.
  5. Jim, upon studying the photos you've provided here as well as those posted by Czech6, I must say that the way that thing loops is odd if it where in fact a gun cable. In the close-up showing the plate and cable fittings it is clear they are pointing towards the cockpit, i.e., rearward. So shouldn't excess cable coming from that point be sweeping up and back in a gentle curve before returning down into the bowels of the plane? However, in the photo examples shown it is precisely the opposite of that with the cable coming nearly straight up and out from somewhere between the guns then sweeping back down in a more gentle curve. More to chew on there as well I'd say.
  6. Jim, the photo you posted appears to show two different cables/lines, (at least as far as my tired old eyes can tell): the one you pointed out that is well into the engine compartment and looping forward, and also the one coming up from between the guns and looping back that Czech6 notes as possibly being for the interrupter mechanism. Or am I seeing things?
  7. Your most and least favourite planes in WOFF? This is an interesting question in that sometimes, (for me at least), the same plane can be both depending on what period of the war we are considering. The Airco DH.2 early on in the conflict is my favorite mount, but when the Albs make their appearance I want to be as far from the Spinning Incinerator as I can get.
  8. A bit of pruning eh? I think it's a great idea and if I had a set of shears I'd jump in and lend a hand! Thank you Eric for your help and for letting us continue to hang around here. And thanks Hauksbee for taking on the task of tidying up the place for us. Much appreciated gents.
  9. . Yes, we are rather silly, but not so much so that we would miss a free drink. Good to see you Olham! How's life on the virtual high seas? .
  10. . Pieters' volume is THE definitive reference concerning the Belgian Air Service and its role in the Great War. Also, given the book's generous size and weight it makes for a handy weapon should an unwanted intruder attempt to enter your library. .
  11. . Well, it's definitely easier to post pictures here, plus everyone can have their own avatars and signature images if they wish. I for one always preferred this camp. I say give it a go and see what happens. .
  12. . The Lazarus Effect. . .
  13. . OK guuruu, so you're obviously joking, but how in the world did you happen across this six-year-old thread? Must be a slow day, eh? Lou .
  14. . Hasse, I would also be very surprised if the devs moved the official WOFF forums again. I always preferred the CA forums here and just like a lot of others was sad to see the move. And with the latest changes to the SimHQ forums - well. Perhaps folks should start posting their AARs and screenshots for WOFF UE here and provide links in the posts in the SimHQ forum to direct people over, might be a way to get things cooking around our old camp again. .
  15. . Hello hello hello, is there anybody in there - just nod if you can hear me - is there anyone at home? It is indeed quite over here and I'm as guilty as can be about not stopping by more often. It's that time thingy that just keeps me from doing all I'd like to do every day. Good ideas Hellshade about ways to possibly get things looking more current around camp. However, I am deeply insulted, DEEPLY INSULTED I SAY, that I was not on your list of active WOFF modders. What am I, chopped liver? My 60 additional aerodromes in England, and 150 reworked factories all along the Western Front, and custom aerodromes, and functional bomb sights, and map sets - none a'that good enough for ya? Speaking of mods, Hauksbee how are your aeroplane models coming along? I am close to releasing Farnborough, (another mod that won't be good enough for Hellshade no doubt), and I'd love to be able to include some of them in it. OK then, off to work I go. I will try and stop by here more often, if for no other reason than to see what stock is left in the camp bar. Cheers! Lou .

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