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Gina Mk1 Rhodaf

Fiat G-91 R4 Gina Mk1, No.2 Squadron Rhodesian Air Force, Thornhill Air Force Base, Rhodesia, early 1980s.


Now imagine that Ian Smith had won the internal settlement elections in April 1979, and that the Lancaster House Agreements

never took place. Instead of the South African volte-face which did take place in reality, South Africa's John Vorster

maintained the oil supply to Rhodesia, and increased South African military aid. Rhodesia continued to fight for its survival...


Despite the leftist revolution in Portugal in 1974, new aircraft were made available in the shape of 16 ex-Portuguese Air Force

Ginas from stocks left in Mozambique. With a bit of tricky under-the-table dealing to circumvent the UN arms embargo and outwit

the current left-wing government of Portugal, these aircraft were brought on strength in 1980 with No2 Sqn RhAF to replace their

ageing DH Vampires.


And Robert Mugabe, in the real world Africa's worst dictator since Idi Amin, never came to power.


Thanks go to Erikgen for the aircraft, RussoUK and Zurawski for the cockpit, and Jeremiah Weed for the concept.




Released as freeware only in accordance with the Combatace freeware agreement.


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