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    Flight sims - esp. CFS3; member of the Desert Rats (developers of the Med Air War add-on for CFS3) and the Attack in the West team (Battle of France for CFS3). Main input - skinning new and existing aircraft - examples posted on Sim Outhouse (http://www.sim-outhouse.com/index.php?loc=combatfs/pages&page=downloads_cfs3) and Reg's Hangar (http://www.regshanger.com/News/Regs%20News.htm) under ndicki or Nigel.
    WW2 RAF, SAAF, SRAF history, uniformology, aircraft; WW2 re-enactment (RAF, SRAF and SAAF)


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  1. Please remove my name from the list. I hadn't expected my work to be the object of so much misuse.
  2. This suggests that the skin was done by Paulopanz. It wasn't. I did it. You've just discovered why I have stopped uploading any of my work for SF2 to CA. While I am certain this was a genuine oversight on your part, the practically limitless pillaging of other people's work by two or three of the contributors on this site means that such confusion becomes the norm.
  3. Heinkel He-111B by Monty CZ

  4. Buccaneer FAA for SF2


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