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  1. In CFS3, we managed to create player useable ground vehicles and AA guns. It was easier admittedly because CFS3 allows you to take control of aircraft gun turrets, so if the tracked part of the SPAAG is the "pilot's" position as driver with a modified FM file, the air gunner's position simply functions the same way as it always does. It provides a bit of fun from time to time - you can drive round, and you can engage aerial or ground targets. So much for CFS3. But what of SF2? Admittedly, turrets are out because SF2 does not support player-operated turrets, but what about SAMs? Is there a way to adapt of model a player-operated SAM launcher, even if it is static? Could the FM file allow the launcher to tilt upwards somehow, without its changing place? Thinking jets and brakes for example - if the brakes are applied and the engine thrust increased, the attitude will change... I'm sure there must be a way to do this with some creative thinking, but I don't know my way round well enough... Merry Christmas, in the meantime!
  2. Civilian Airline Pilots 2018

    The file appears to be corrupt...
  3. Please remove my name from the list. I hadn't expected my work to be the object of so much misuse.
  4. This suggests that the skin was done by Paulopanz. It wasn't. I did it. You've just discovered why I have stopped uploading any of my work for SF2 to CA. While I am certain this was a genuine oversight on your part, the practically limitless pillaging of other people's work by two or three of the contributors on this site means that such confusion becomes the norm.
  5. Heinkel He-111B by Monty CZ

  6. Buccaneer FAA for SF2


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