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First victory in the air, AND surviving with Eindecker and a special mission!

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today i was able to shoot down a BE2c (what else lol), and i survived the AA fire. Then i filled out the report, and after two more sorties it has been acknowledged :blink: . It IS possible !


The second sortie i was alone, no enemy in the sky - and boy this is the first time with a sim i was glad about it :haha:


The third sortie was something special: I got a special message while going to the briefing, saying something like "you have to go to a certain position over the front. Since all two-seaters are busy at the moment, your wingman with his scout will for once carry a camera, and make photos of the area, protect him by all means ..."


Oops i thought, thinking of evil flights of hords of Bristols or whatever, shooting us 2 down in a second. So i swore to be VERY careful this time. And then ... (i am flying in july 1915, with FA62, and will get a Halberstadt not before mid-1916, will be a hard time) .. i was at the aerodrome, and there was Immelmann AND Boelcke with their E.Is/E.IIIs(?). So we took off together, and i felt a lot better. They had the same course, so we made our flight together, until 4 Bristol scouts appeared, and attacked. While i was still turning, my flight had shot down three of them in the first 30 seconds ! The fourth seemed to run away, but i stayed with my wingman. I felt really good when the whole flight made it back without a scratch. :yes:

This special missions thing is great ! Even the Eindecker seems to behave a bit better now, maybe due to the change in patch 1.28. I am looking forward to more of those special orders ...


Thanks and greetings,


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Great report, catfish. This sim continues to impress me regularly. It's great that the AI for those aces was modeled such that you had an advantage in this mission. Superb!

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Can only agree, Griphos

Thanks for that nice report - so it IS worth going back as far as 1915.

Carry on, Wels


(you know, that Wels/Catfish is a FISH, not a CAT, do you, CATF... arhm - Wels?)

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