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  1. Have a safe and blessed holiday!

    Thank you! Same for you and the team, Eric - and for everyone here on the forum!
  2. All your recent works look really good, guys - for FLYING CIRCUS as for BATTLE OF BODENPLATTE! I hope that at least some of the Picardie/Flanders/Ardennes landscapes can be used for BODENPLATTE and FLYING CIRCUS - that would save time. Since I made an early purchase, I find it hard to wait much longer for FC, and for my beloved Albatros scouts. All the drooling may finally leave me too dehydrated to be fit to fly!
  3. All your recent works look really good, guys - for FLYING CIRCUS as for BATTLE OF BODENPLATTE! Since the movie CATCH 22 I love the look of the "Billy Mitchell" bomber, and the LOCKHEED "Lightning" is a true beauty of an aircraft - I always wanted to fly it in a good sim. Guess I cannot get around it: BATTLE OF BODEPLATTE is on my "must-have" list now!
  4. Battle of Britain II - second phase

    "Battle of Britain II" - is that the same as "Cliffs of Dover" ?
  5. A bad day for a Kriegsberichter

    I love to see someone having so much fun with an air combat sim! Nice reports and story! Mind you: it must be "Kriegsberichterstatter" - that British rule "no i after e" doesn't count for German. And it's wrong anyway - there are words like "weird" or "their" or "heir" etc.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    We had our "Erntedankfest" already, on the first Sunday in October, but thanks anyway. Have a nice evening, Lou and all other Merkans!
  7. Hey, Dutch, old Matjes! Well, FC is yet only an early purchase with no content but two aircraft. The landscape is from IL-2 Battle of Kuban, and therefor lacks historic authenticity. I really hope it will become a great sim. Yeah, a Belgian Esc. with Hanriots should be added. The could also use the Farman! You are right about the immersive factor of OFF and WOFF. I guess I will never find that a second time, anywhere. RoF and now FC are more for online flying and fighting, but WOFF entertained me for years in single player campaign - something you cannot just plan and build - it has to do with true passion, with far more hours than dollars, and with love and devotion.
  8. So Raine is also still in active service, I see? And he will make a new DiD Campaign? That is nice to hear - boy, we had so wonderful times with that! My regards to him - he is a worthy successor for the DiD Campaign. Not sure if I will join at any point next year. I first want to buy me the ultimate edition, WOFF UE, just for the sake of it all and a fine little company. But that'll have to wait 'till after Xmas, when the bank account fever pitch will be down to normal again. Then I heard, that Pol announced several new planes for WOFF UE, which he said would be free for those who own it? Did he say which planes?
  9. Hello, Lou, old fly-barn! Hello, Hasse, Eric and Jeanba, and all! When I see a message of a member I remember, in the right frame of the forum, then I check in! Nice to hear from you all! I don't fly recently, but die in tanks. I am REALLY, REALLY waiting for IL-2 "Flying Circus". Cause, when the landscapes get as good as in the IL-2 Kuban map, then it will be amazing! They will build the known towns like Arras and Douai etc.; and the rivers and canals. The aircraft got improved; the new damage model is less "Flyboys" but more realistic. Took me hundreds of rounds to kill a Fokker Dr.I with a SPAD XIII, and the wings, though hit many times, did not crumble away! Great! What are you guys flying/playing?
  10. Wow! A big WOW ! First I thought this were images from "Over Flanders Fields", but they don't have the Roland D.VIa or that wonderful big Caudron! I had thought of "First Eagles" as a very old game, but what you guys have made of it - hats off!!!
  11. Il2 Autumn Sale

    Maybe I repeat myself, but I still wonder, why you make those special price sales always at the end of a month - when people have to be more careful about their spendings. I bet you would sell a lot more, if you started such actions at the beginning of a new month. Just my two pence...
  12. Hey, Captain! Nice to see you, and that you are still enjoying WOFF! I have trespassed to IL-2 and NAVAL ACTION since some time. But I guess one day I'll return to duties.
  13. Wow - they look really nice. Sorry for only finding this post now. Great job!
  14. Haha, you bring back memories, Adger! UncleAl - short: Unc - was a helpful guy for me too, when I started. IL-2 BoS is nice to fly online for me, but like RoF, it never has that "certain special something" that I only found in (W)OFF so far. So I guess, one day we'll meet again there!
  15. Well, I literally put all into (W)OFF I had to offer, over several years. So I guess it's only normal that you reach a point some day, when you move somewhere else. (W)OFF gave me far more than any other sim or game was ever able to give me, and I still believe, that I will come back to it one day. But right now I am flying WW2 in IL-2 (the new one). Yes, the skin must be from RAF_Louvert (greetings, Lou, if you should still read here!) - the emblem was from a German cigarette or cigar company of that time. Have fun, Adger - maybe one day we'll meet again - over Flanders fields...

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