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  1. Hey, Captain! Nice to see you, and that you are still enjoying WOFF! I have trespassed to IL-2 and NAVAL ACTION since some time. But I guess one day I'll return to duties.
  2. Wow - they look really nice. Sorry for only finding this post now. Great job!
  3. Haha, you bring back memories, Adger! UncleAl - short: Unc - was a helpful guy for me too, when I started. IL-2 BoS is nice to fly online for me, but like RoF, it never has that "certain special something" that I only found in (W)OFF so far. So I guess, one day we'll meet again there!
  4. Well, I literally put all into (W)OFF I had to offer, over several years. So I guess it's only normal that you reach a point some day, when you move somewhere else. (W)OFF gave me far more than any other sim or game was ever able to give me, and I still believe, that I will come back to it one day. But right now I am flying WW2 in IL-2 (the new one). Yes, the skin must be from RAF_Louvert (greetings, Lou, if you should still read here!) - the emblem was from a German cigarette or cigar company of that time. Have fun, Adger - maybe one day we'll meet again - over Flanders fields...
  5. Wow, the fourth is a Desktop IMHO - nice, Adger!
  6. Hey, iti - yes, like BBeard says: in this case I's use the "easy claims" variant.
  7. Same from me, Hood! You can do it - your generation was made from ironwood! A neighbouress of my mum will soon get 101 years old, and she looks like she can make the next tenner full! To all you old (and young) WOFFers around here still, and for you Eric and all the fellers at the forum command tower: I wish you all a comfy and cosy Xmas, and sound and healthy and happy new year 2018!
  8. Not sure yet. We are "at war" right now.
  9. Hey, Robert and all - I also wish you guys a nice Xmas, with plenty of food and good drinks, and warmth around you!
  10. That was their anthem only until 1944. After that, this anthem which I used in the video, was introduced. And, with a changed text, is again used for the nowadays' Russian Federation. Yes, we sing this verse still today. One verse was dropped tough, which described the old frontiers of Germany, which shrunk after WW2. And yes - the Nazi regime DID ruin a lot of the feelings, with which we would sing our anthem. Any other nation is singing their national anthem with much more pride than we Germans do. Well, my honest opinion is, that the US politics are often much more aggresive than Putin ever was. A lot of any Russian moves are getting very much distorted in Western media. For example, Russia did not "occupy" the Crimean pininsula. They had always been there - it is their Black Sea Naval base. They didn't have to occupy it - the majorityof the Eastern Ucraine people have stronger relations to Russia, than to far away "western" Kiew. But that won't get told on TV. While the American interests are always being understood by our anchormen, the Russian interests are not even regarded. But we are getting on the thin ice of politics here, and I don't want to start a looong debate about all that.
  11. Thanks, Hauksbee! How does it feel for an American to hear the Russian national anthem, now that you seem kind of arch enemies?
  12. Well, the confusion about the fighter series correct name came from a change of the company name. Here is WIKI about it: "It was commonly called the Me 109, most often by Allied aircrew and even among the German aces themselves, even though this was not the official German designation. The designation "Messerschmitt Bf 109" was issued by the Ministry of Aviation (German: Reichsluftfahrtministerium) and represents the firm that originally built them, the "Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFW - "Bavarian Aircraft Works"). The confusion arises because design work began in 1934 at the BFW firm and, as was customary, the model was designated by the prefix Bf. On July 11, 1938 the company was renamed Messerschmitt AG due to Willy Messerschmitt becoming its new owner, and the prefix Me was applied to all new models after that date, whilst existing types retained their Bf prefix."
  13. The Henschel is announced for "Battle of Kuban". But careful! As fa as I could see, "Battle of Kuban" can already be pre-purchased - but it is NOT available yet. At least not in Germany. Not only that. The whole cockpit view feels terrible, compared to the vision on the Albatros! Secondly, everything happens in double speed - you may feel like Charly Chaplin - almost dizzy! Here are 2 videos I made in IL-2 "Battle of Stalingrad" (Kuban map on a MULTIPLAYER server...)
  14. Afaik, "Battle of Kuban" is not even released yet, Hellshade. What you have seen must be videos which were made in MULTIPLAYER servers of "Battle of Stalingrad", where they have a Kuban map already. As for "FLYING CIRCUS": I see the old stupid approach happening again here. There are many late war aircraft in the first set, but no Albatros D.II or D.III, or D.H. 2 or Sopwith Pup, which were elementary. The other aircraft will later be sold to us - again - which raises the price for such a sim quite a lot, if you want to have several them. When the new sim is more or less the old sim in "new clothing" and with new landscape, then such a sales policy is - IMHO - pretty cheeky.
  15. Thank you for the updates, Hellshade! Looks like there is a lot coming out next year. The IL-2 team will also make a new WW1 air combat sim, based on the IL-2 design. It will be named "Flying Circus". I'm looking forward to that!

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