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problems whit top gun mod

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i cant play it if i copy paste it the menu goes wrong and i cant select the aircrafts and no campaing im trying it on strike fighters project 1. please help

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i do right click/ copy in the top gun mod folder and then paste in the strike fighters folder repleacing all the archives

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Hello cabezon, if you speak spanish contact me at the spanish forum, will be more easy to understand each other. ("cabezon" is a very common nick in Argentina)

If you only speak english, well...here we go.


In the mod i put 2 "readme" files, 1 spanish and 1 english. I test the mod, and also others members, and the instructions was very simply to understand and follow (at least i try to make them)


if i remember correctly (because i dont have it anymore, sorry, no vacancy on my HD):


1 clear instaletion of SF proyect 1

2 patch 30.08.06

3 bunyaps weapons pack


4 THEN...copy all the files into "aircraft" and paste into the same folder on your instalation of SF. the same with the others files, if ask for "overwrite" say yes to all.


it should be work....let me know if i can help, bye

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