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  1. VFC-13

  2. What version of SF2 did you get? I think NF4 was meant to be used with SF2E(stand alone mod) although you can more than likely get the terrain and other items to make it work in SF2. There are some great aircraft for the SF2 series take a look in the download section. Get a few more downloads of your SF2 to have on hand incase you find more stand alone mods.
  3. I started playing the 3rd wire sims on a 512mb ati radeon card and when I flew up north in WOV I had studdering and a big FPS loss, I then went to a Nvidia 512mb card and still the same so I then went to a 1gig Nvidia card and experimented with the vid settings. I now can go up north with horizon on near, object texture on unlimited, cockpit on unlimited, mirrors on, shadows off, water on high, grounds objects set to medium etc. I also recall some early postings about the 1st gen sims and ATI vid problems.
  4. GO COLTS!

    Umm...score check lol WHO DAT?
  5. Way To Go Saints!

    Well after all the bags on the heads and many years of crap, Hats off to the Saints A great victory for New Orleans WHO DAT?!
  6. F/A-18E Super Hornet

    Nice Think he'll let you take it for a spin?
  7. For me if it is a easy primary i let my wingman go after it to raise his "stats" and yes the rest of my flight needs better brains but the advice given by the other pilots here is a good work around. I just look at it like this at least they are hitting something because going "up north" is not a walk in the park I also use the Range to improve my mud moving skills now I can hit the red box from 5000ft
  8. Hats Off To Delta Airlines

    Very Moving Indeed.
  9. If I remember correctly In WoV Flying the Linebacker II missions My RWR would beep slowly and the blips would still be on the outer ring of the RWR if I was being tracked once a SAM was fired the beeping would speed up and the blip on the RWR would now be in the inner ring of the RWR. I'm still schearching for that .ini edit that allows your wingie/flight to fly low with you
  10. Flying a A-4 in Yom Kippur does not equate to long life
  11. To get your wingman to attack a certain target first YOU have to lock it up(do not attack it) then order him to "attack my target" if and when he destroys it you can order him to "return to formation" or you can lock up another target and send him in again. You can send him in to take out the primary while you zip around and do other stuff or you can have him watch your 6 while you zip around lol
  12. Hey Richard Welcome to the club! If you can make it to 15 missions then you are doing VERY well Indeed

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