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Ooh......crap !!!!!!!!!

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I downloaded the new and improved LOMAN..It messed my game all up...

They advise me to back up my texture files and I did.. They advise me to make a clean install with the new Loman...and I did.. I installed all the neww add-ons ..skins and testures..yes I did..


Went to try out my new installed game with new skins and all the goodies..Guess what...?




The first thing I notices is that there was no more map..just waypoints and aircraft.. No map at all..just blue screen.. Well, I went on and opened a mission...Guess what.. ?


Everything is gray.. Aircraft are 2 colors of gray..CArrier is 2 colors of gray..2 dimensional..verything is Freaking gray....

So, I uninstalled the textures from the Loman...You know the textures for low rez. water and med. rez. clouds... still the same...


I un-installed Loman cause it went corrupt..Yes Corrupt...I couldn't click on anything and it game be errors...????


Well I un-installed it and thru away the folder for the textures and replaced it with the one I had backed up....


Freaking still the same..All GRAYED out freaKING aircraft and world....Except for the clouds..everything else is Gray...The clouds look good though.....????


WTF did I do? I could have f***ed my game all up.... I sure hope I didn't......Please tell me I didn't f*** my game all up......OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:

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I uninstalled Lock-On....and took the files of the new skins left behind after I un-installed and copied them to another folder..I deleted the Lock-On folder all together and made a complete install..


I placed the New skins that acme with Loman...yes I kept those.. I placed them in the temp folder and walla.


The game is back and running with nrew skins and all..Looks good again..


I thought I had messed up..When the warning at Loman said..run at own risk.... I thought I had f***ed my game....SWeeet.............


I'm back to square one.... <_<

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maybe did you tweaked also something with the graphics window ?


i don't know at all what you done

LoMan is installing (dezipping) files automatically same way as you done manually.


so textures are same


best regards


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