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  1. I'm sorry, but I have to post this here. I found this link several years ago and time and again it always makes me laugh. Just the seriousness of the whole thing... LOL http://www.shaveeverywhere.ca/en_ca/bodygroom/
  2. Here's my collection.. http://www.youtube.com/user/Instigator
  3. I have saved some of my collection of Lock-On movies for you all viewing.. and downloading.. http://www.humyo.com/1827011-550476109 It's been a Lllooonnggg time since I logged in here. I must say, I had forgotten about this place. Anyways, I was going through my saved e-mails and there I had a link to this site. Anyways, how's everyone been?
  4. hi everyone

    Welcome on board.. Singapore is in the House !! I've been here since ** Nov 17 2003 ** and look at me I'm still a no body around here.. Sad, sad, sad... Yeah, I've been away for a very long time...
  5. Does anyone know the maker of this great video.. " Come WIth Me " ? A friend of mine wanted to know. He has an offer and some skin files he want's to give him. Thanks in advance..
  6. Yes it will run great if you up-grade your video card.. You can get a bargin at Fry's. I upgraded 7 months ago from an ATI 9700 Pro 128 to a ATI 850XT 256 got it at Fry's for $140.00 I thought it was a steal. But not just Lomac runs better but most games you throw at it will run better. I'm getting my monthly fix on new games come May the 5th, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is mine... Cheers..
  7. Merry Christmas and a safe happy holiday to all

    Merry Christmas everyone..Best wishes from Houston,Tx. USA
  8. ATI 850XT 256 Pro

    Just decommissioned my ATI 9700 128 Pro.. It's like night and day when it comes to games.. Great investment for my computer.. I love ATI !!!!
  9. Hi there old friends...

    Hehehehe.. hi there Nesher.. Yes but he baptised her with evil juice you wouldn't want her ... heheehh Just showing off my home made Halloweenmask. Except for the horns onmy cheeks and the color...everything else I made. from scratch.. This halloween night I scared the piss out of everyone. I took it a little easy on 3 or 4 year olds but, anyone above that was severaly scared.. I even scared a pizza delivery guy. I didn't make anyone cray this year. But last year was another story. I love Halloween !!! can you tell..? Nice to be back..
  10. Hi there old friends...

    It's been a LOoooonnggg....time since I posted here. Greetings from the lands far far away.. I bring insence and smoke...let us all rejoice and be happy...
  11. Lock on Web site

    Wow................... It was only a matter of time... The hell with UBi...They can lick my right nut...and play with the left one.... Freaking Idiots.................
  12. A/G Server

    You will notice that it takes several days for anyone to respond here...You are better off posting this question on UBI forum... I would join you for some ground moving but...the thing is the time...some of us live in diffrent world time zones.....
  13. Auction cloased...Sold for $30.00 .... Thanks ' reaper310th " You are now the proud owner of #1936 Lock-On Enhanced Manual from Digital Aperin....
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...agename=rvi:1:1 If you want to see..remark...or bid you need to register...

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