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Modders/Programmers/Troubleshooters Help Wanted

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=VFF Productions=




The Antares Mod is unique in that instead of a static, fixed FL universe, new bases are added at each update, and planets are colonized, and the commodities market is rebalanced, and new weapons and equipment become available.

In the Antares Mod, players can put thier money to work by ordering new construction and upgrades, and by designing new weapons and equipment or upgrading existing designs.


CK of {SOLN} designed a unique new weapon called the Gau 25, which is a gun that fires projectiles with explosion effects.

I ordered a new thruster design, the Outcast Thruster, a new missile design, the Annihilator (6k damage and a turn radius just under that of a Firestalker), and another unique weapon called the Obliterator.


The updates are usually incremental; however during the early phase of the current update I suggested we add one new system with two new factions, to give players an intermediary place to do missions. The Antares Side missions are low paying and easy, the Sirius Sector missions pay up to 2.35 million credits but it takes a lot of effort just to find your way across the wastland known as the Zeta Corridor connecting Antares to Sirius.


The Antares Mod Team took my suggestion and got a little crazy with it. I am not at liberty to divulge how many new systems and factions we wound up with in the 5.0 update (formely known as the 'July' update....July 08 that is), but suffice to say it is way more than two.


Along with the new systems and factions, Achilles has also put patrol paths back in the Mod, for a Wingmen Mod add-in. Each of the new factions also has unique weapons.


Each Mod Team member focuses on a particular aspect eg. commodities/factions/weapons/equipment and we use Google Docs to post our changes and additions.


When we put it all together, somewhere in all the huge changes this update, something is not getting along with something else. We would greatly appreciate it if one or more of the accomplished modders using this forum could help us sort out the problem.


Once we have the current update under control, we plan to experiment with the FLMM 1.5 which should allow us to make incremental, modular updates to the Antares Mod, eg. Antares Mod 5.1 adding new base and planet orders, 5.2 adding new weapon design orders, etc.


Achilles is also planning to design an entire new COMBAT SPACE FLIGHT SIMULATOR once we have the Antares Mod for Freelancer under control. The idea is to make a joystick compatible spaceflight sim with realistic physics eg. when you turn you have to accelerate in the direction you want to go, rather than the arcade style of Freelancer where turning a spaceship makes it turn like a car only in three dimensions. The physics of the Antares Mod are tweaked to make it feel much more realistic than vanilla FL, but we seem to have reached the game's built in physics limitations.


Any help we can get would be GREATLY appreciated.


If you are intersted in helping us out, please contact us by:

posting here in this Help Wanted thread

sending me a PM here at Combat Ace

Sending Achilles a PM at Vanguard

p.s. check out the ads I created for the Antares Mod in:


The Mod Database ModDb

The Lancers Reactor

Battle Clinic

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By the way, the current version of the Antares Mod works just fine. If you have Freelancer and you want to try out the Antares Mod, click the linky in my sig that says 'The Antares Expansion Mod' and follow the instructions posted in the V2 Rules & News thread there in the Vanguard forums.

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