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Is it my imagination, or do French pilots...?

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Last night I pulled off one of those improbable, breath-taking shots, and would you believe it, I hadn't turned on FRAPS and it was two o'clock in the morning and there was no one I could call to tell 'em about it.


It was the opening moves of QC, 15,000 ft., I'm in a D.Va stalking a gaggle of Nieuport 17's. I follow them through the top of a huge cloud and when we emerge I'm closing at the 7 o'clock position. The two lead Nieuports are strung out ahead, but the rest are flying in two neat pairs. I take the lead plane in the front pair. The shot is a bit on the long side so I start tapping the trigger sending 1/2 second bursts to see where the shots are falling. With a little adjust, I get my shots centered and just as the black smoke is starting, his squadron mate overtakes him, pulling into my line of fire. With all this going for me, I hold down the trigger for a few long bursts. He falls away, spinning, and I'm still lined up on the first Nieuport who peels off and flees but I caught him. So now I am very, very stoked, but also gnashing my teeth because I almost hit F9 to get FRAPS up and running, but didn't. "Damn!," I thought, "I'll never see a shot like that again!"


But barely twenty minutes later the conditions of the shot happened again. [but I didn't get there in time.] So here's the kernal of the question: has anyone else noticed this tendency of Nieuports to arrange themselves in pairs?

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