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  1. We should arrange to meet more often.
  2. What a delight to see so many of the Old Dogs turning up at the BOC mess. I must check in more frequently.
  3. A Decade Ago Today...

    Has it really been ten years?
  4. There's nothing like the echo sound of an empty hangar. I'm still around too, but there doesn't seem to be anyone to talk to.
  5. And a good thing too, since I suspect you're addressing your question to an empty room.
  6. Ah, yes...bickering with Mum. I remember it well.
  7. Same to you, Detlev! Will you be spending it with your Mum, again, this year?
  8. Greetings to you, Robert. And a Merrie Christmas.
  9. Good question. Unfortunately, one I can't answer. I know the Soviet Union chose "The International" as their anthem. (On reflection, it dawns on me that you used it in Video #1. A pretty good, stirring piece of music.) I have no idea what the modern Russian state uses. In any event, I don't think it would bother anyone. Americans aren't touchy about such things. Putin is being aggressive these days, but it's nothing like the old days of Stalin/Krushchev/Breznevh. Speaking of National Anthems, does Germany still use "Deutchland uber alles", or did the National Socialists ruin that for you? ps: After buying "Battle of Stalingrad", I went and bought "Battle of Kuban". (Gotta get that Hs-129!) I'll probably buy "Battle of Bodenplatte" when it releases. Recently, I have developed a lust for a P-38.
  10. Thanks, mate. That was my understanding: It was "Bf" until Willy took over the company. By the way...nice dogfights.
  11. Olham: was it you that said, that in Germany, it was always "Bf-109", never "Me-109"?
  12. What you're seeing is the "Pre-Release Battle of Kuban Premium". If you buy that package, you can have it now. I just bought "Battle of Stalingrad". I was hoping to see the Henschel-129 in there, but, no go. Neither is the Junkers-52 though it is available in the "Collectors Planes". I posted a querry on BOS Forum and the word is that the Henschel (and BOK) will be available early next year. One guy even said "next month". BOK Premium is still available and I think I'll go for it. It will feel odd not having an extra wing over my head.

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