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Incorrect USAS awards in FE

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Ever been anoyed at the fact that you can get a Purple Heart after getting shot down in 1918? Knowing the Purple Heart was not instituted until 1932, I replaced the Purple heart in my game with the Wound Chevron. But, I cannot get the Citation right it just shows up balnk. In addition to that on the debrief screen it refers to the Wound Chevron as "MEDAL_USAS_WC_NAME" instead of Wound Chevron. If anyone can get me pointed in the right direction to fix this I would love it. Also, I noticed the MOH in the game is the USAF MOH so I changed the pic to the 1904 Army MOH. I also changed the Citation Star picture because the picture of the Silver Star Medal was again not correct for 1918. If I can get this Wound Chevron thing sorted out I will share all my USAS award mods. :ok:



James Cassell

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Anybody got any ideas?


No idea at all. I have't ever tried to change any of the awards in the game. I know I have seen a few people do it though. Look through a search of this forum for award and im sure there is a post about how they changed the pics and text



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