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  1. Never left! always in over watch!
  2. Thanks Wrench! I had a computer crash, real life, and IL-2 been keeping me away from SF2 recently! But!... I always am lurking! The coolest thing about the Hornet pack too me. Was the "Target Pod as a non drop weapon.'" Meaning you can select the pod as a weapon and scan through your ground targets. After myself and others figured that out, makes A-6E more fun! I guess know one got it.
  3. All that stuff is modeled for each type. It would be nice, if people would actually look at this mod. A lot of guys did a lot of hard work on it. BTW. The afterburner is the exact same one used on the "Team Viper" F-16 mods.
  4. The latest time period for SF-2 is Israel that ends in 1982. That being said the Hornet is not even in service during any time period of these games. When I put all these great mods together to build the "Legacy Hornet Package," it's intent was to have every version of the Hornet each as a separate aircraft. If you look closely the do conform with the naming conventions of the other titles. If you want the earliest version simply use "FA-18A" or "FA-18A-USMC." That gives you 1983 to 1989 era specific aircraft. The AIM-7M was fielded at the same time as the Hornet A. The M was standard equipment on them when put into service. So use of the 7F is anachronistic.
  5. Thanks Trotski that is by far the funniest thing I have read in a week! I am going to start using that word everyday!
  6. Go to the knowledge base. Read. Most questions answered by simply searching. Please define, "squiffy." About 99% of humans, don't know what that means, it would be really difficult to get help. Using alien terms.
  7. SF2 McDonnell F2H-2 Banshee (KAW) by Veltro2K

    Hey Wrench, Change HookArmLength to this.... HookArmLength=4.26 I trapped first time with that setting.
  8. MiG-31M/BM for SF2

    OK! Found it.
  9. MiG-31M/BM for SF2

    If that is the case, un hide the cockpit and AVIONICS!
  10. MiG-31M/BM for SF2

    No Cockpit or Avionics file included.
  11. This is strange! I have been away also because I lost my machine. After about a year I finally got a replacement and I am experiencing the same stuff Eric is! I will monitor this thread closely!
  12. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    Someone needs to use smoke mod and make that for SF-2. Growler. I would but my rig is down.
  13. GONAVY.jp Got all the answers you seek!

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