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  1. Gunner HEAT PC!

    It is alot better now!
  2. Gunner HEAT PC!

    They got the Steam demo now. Free!
  3. Gunner HEAT PC!

    I totally recommend trying this! This is fun. It is free now.
  4. Gunner, HEAT, PC!

    M-1 Gunners! Track, Lase, Track, Shoot! Dump your lead. Keep shooting! Dumping Lead. Not explained correctly in the tuturioal. To clear your FCS. Of "trash data, " you release the power control. That clears the system. Right mouse button is the " Power Control Handle. " Let it go. Gun goes back. You don't drag the gunsight. It is fighting old data from last shot...
  5. Gunner, HEAT, PC!

    That new feature is fun! Another thing I like. This version is just focused on 1985, Fulda Gap. But the enemy is DDR. Just baseline. Rumor is T-64B next Tank. Slowly letting it mature. Open too feed back from real Tankers. This Patreon version is actually realistic and fun! I
  6. Gunner, HEAT, PC!

    This is really cool! Worth a coffee a month too support.
  7. Gunner, HEAT, PC!

    This is pretty fun and pretty close to the real M-1 experience. It is in development. The free demo is pretty fun! I did the Patreon thing and get to play with T-72's! As a Tanker, I approve! Well worth checking out for free.
  8. Russian T-72B3 and T-80BVMs side armour ERA

    The bags have 4S24 ERA panels in them. So, yes those bags are soft ERA. Gepard is incorrect.
  9. Russian T-72B3 and T-80BVMs side armour ERA

    Each of those bags contains an array of 4S24 ERA panels. That plastic egg crate is what holds the plates at the proper angle. They are not filled with sand. https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2017/12/t-72-part-2.html#4s24
  10. M-84 Yugoslav MBT

    I might try that game! Just too see how real it is! Brush up on my skills!
  11. M-84 Yugoslav MBT

    I trained with the 35th in Kuwait in 2001. We did a joint live fire with them.
  12. You can fake a IRST by mounting a non- lauching IRM in the nose. Just select it like a any other weapon. If you have a HUD it will show up as IRM LOCK icon. Other than that the only other cue you will get is the IRM Audio CUE. On your "Fake ISRT/IRM" you have too extend the seeker range too match the detection range of your IRST. I have done this before. It does work but using your radar is better.
  13. This could get better.
  14. I really hate to say this. But. I Think SF-2 is over. Even though. I still piddle around with mods. I still know it is awesome. Only place for Korea or Vietnam. Or anything! But. The luster has worn off. So many pro level talented people have contributed so much awesome stuff. But it seems we are all "chained to a corpse." I play IL-2. Constantly now. But when I go back to my " old girlfriend," SF-2... She is fun. but... There is no reason why this thing can't get better from the source.
  15. NASCAR

    NASCAR. Is Nation. Motor sport.

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