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  1. M-84 Yugoslav MBT

    I might try that game! Just too see how real it is! Brush up on my skills!
  2. M-84 Yugoslav MBT

    I trained with the 35th in Kuwait in 2001. We did a joint live fire with them.
  3. You can fake a IRST by mounting a non- lauching IRM in the nose. Just select it like a any other weapon. If you have a HUD it will show up as IRM LOCK icon. Other than that the only other cue you will get is the IRM Audio CUE. On your "Fake ISRT/IRM" you have too extend the seeker range too match the detection range of your IRST. I have done this before. It does work but using your radar is better.
  4. This could get better.
  5. I really hate to say this. But. I Think SF-2 is over. Even though. I still piddle around with mods. I still know it is awesome. Only place for Korea or Vietnam. Or anything! But. The luster has worn off. So many pro level talented people have contributed so much awesome stuff. But it seems we are all "chained to a corpse." I play IL-2. Constantly now. But when I go back to my " old girlfriend," SF-2... She is fun. but... There is no reason why this thing can't get better from the source.

    NASCAR. Is Nation. Motor sport.

    You must be a Yankee!

    Mud and Rain, finallly!

    Google NASCAR!
  10. Iron Dome and C-Ram

    C-Ramm was a joke. Only five too strart with. But each one had severl generator trucks. To power one. Failed concept.
  11. Iron Dome and C-Ram

    That is kinda silly. Me in my Bug 25,000 ft. with GBU-54s... They cant shoot me. But I can destroy them.
  12. Iron Dome and C-Ram

    Thier is now "genius" of Iron Dome. It does not choose protected area or not. The system is gun. Controlled and shot from Batteries.
  13. Iron Dome and C-Ram

    Iron Dome. Don't shoot down modern jets. 21st century Bofors Gun.
  14. NASCAR

    How many people love new NASCAR? Rain. OK. I am life long fan. But coming back now. Mud. Rain? Yep exciting racing!
  15. China Space Station

    Non contact delivery via EVA! They should put fortuntune cookies on their rocket boosters! South Carolina, Bangledesh... Who cares!

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