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Campaign Question Concerning Static Objects

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the problem is:


i say in my scenario for example the french have deployed 5 Mirage 2000s to an airfield where you are also based. Now, in my first mission, a pair of Mirages is actively flying around, and I've put three other Mirages on the parking area of the field as static objects.


But if in the second mission of the campaign i want to use 5 flying mirages, i can do that, but therell still be 3 mirage static objects on the field, and no way for me to remove them or change them cause they only show in the editor for the first stage!


can i do anything about this at all?


It seems that all the static objects placed in the first mission, stay around forever. They are there in the second mission, and after that too. But in the editor i can only change them, move them around etc in the first mission!


How can i remove them from following campaign missions?

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This is weird. The Campaign editor treats each mission in a campaign as a whole new mission. No static objects should continue onto the next mission.


This is what happens to me. I might be wrong.

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