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  1. Hello Telnets, Select the unit that you want to target you. Then change the waypoint from turning point to attack point. A new option will open called targeting, select it and then press add. Click on your flight and select primary, you are now his primary target. This works the same for planes, ships, ground forces and all other military units. Cheers T_P
  2. Hello Raptor, I sent you a PM with my MSN address. Get in touch and i'll try and help you out.
  3. I would be interested in making some A-10A missions with you. I am getting really good at making missions now and would like to team up with others and make a really big campaign. I have already made five missions of an A10 campaign but need some help with a story. I already have the basic story outline but need someone who can add some depth and immersion to it. If anyone wants to help give me a shout.
  4. Hello, 52nd_Cougar is right. For the second part of your question. If say your flight arrives on patrol at 12:30 and you want them to fly about for 5 mins before the boat shows. Just set the first waypoint for the boat at 12:35.
  5. This is weird. The Campaign editor treats each mission in a campaign as a whole new mission. No static objects should continue onto the next mission. This is what happens to me. I might be wrong.

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