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Naval 1 Sopwith Triplanes fix

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Naval 1 Sopwith Triplanes fix

This is a decal rework of quack74's versions of

the Naval 1 Sopwith Triplanes.


I've created a more accurate decal set and moved the small

double fuselage marks forward a bit.


Included in this download are the new decal folders "D" and

the fixed decal config files plus fixed fuselage skin files.

All of these are in the CombatAce download section. This is Just a patch for those who already have the Triplane.


1. Naval 1 (olive cowel and fin)

2. Naval 1 White (white wheel discs and fin)

3. 1RNAS 1 (red wheel discs,red fin,and #1)

4. 1RNAS 4 (red wheel discs,red fin,and #4)

5. 1RNAS White (thick white fuse bands and blue tail w "F")

6. 1RNAS "PEGGY"( white wheel discs and fin w #15 and "Peggy"on fuse)


Install the new Skin and decal folders over your existing skin folders and allow it to overwrite.


Thats all




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