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Rockwell XFV-12A

This is an fictional aircraft made by rockwell, but it actually never lift off.

model and skins made By Aladair(uploaded few weeks ago).

FM:Unknow author.


i've did some minor changes but i don't think its a job that can be compared with Aladair's job :)

i also give up to modding the FM because i never got the result i want so, as aladair said: Feel

Free to modify and re upload, just give the original author's credit.


you'll need the cockpit folder from A-7E Late(by TMF).


special thanks to Canadair(who modified the A-7 avionics to an A-A capable)

and Spillone104(for the patience to explain me some thins :-] )




Have Fun! :good:


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I'm looking forward to trying this one out. Thanks!

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