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  1. Mig-17F El-Arish

  2. OA-4AR

  3. AD-4 Skyraider, Version 2.0

  4. North Korean IL-28

  5. M109A6 Paladin

    Thanks friends, does not carry machinegun to save polygons, and shoot objects away from your range. Baskets of the tower was a challenge, blessed be the TGA's. To Silverbolt: Pele é o melhor jogador de todos os tempos. Viva o rei.
  6. M109A6 Paladin

    Thanks to you, if someone wants to paint in green, go for the brush. I hope that this happy Wrench. Especially add improvements Artillery is a spectacle. Health for all
  7. Tested, the results are not good, I leave him like this. Also thanks for the idea. regards
  8. M109A6 Paladin



    M109A6 Paladin

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