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Hello Friends :salute:


Have a question:

Are missions add-ons or original to PH3, built using MB in metric vs English? I am asking because I moved a PH2 mission to PH3; flew fine, but I could not figure why some of the airplanes flew so high (3500 ft not the same as 3500 m, as we all know). Sometimes I use MB to find out if something is missing in the mission itself that is causing the game to freeze/crash. Therefore; if the missions were built in feet and the MB I have been using is in meters; then, all those missions that I checked in MB must be redone or reloaded. Before I change MB from metric to English, please let me know.


Note to UK_Widowmaker: Sorry, I put “Holidays” in that section. I had some issues with IE8 that was causing a lot of problems by freezing or taking an eternity to load. I wanted to put a note of Remembrance before restarting the computer again. It seems that IE8 in my computer, somehow does not like your site. I have no problems using ‘Safari’, figure that out.


Keep up the good work and keep us straight


PRang :tumbleweed:

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