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  1. Just Ordered BH&H

    yeah relize that after i posted my bad
  2. Just Ordered BH&H

    you will need phase3 in order to use bhand h its an addon for that installonly
  3. afte a long extend time it feels sooo good now wheres that dang hobbit at
  4. Short film "The Jockstrap Raiders"

    still around waiting in the shadows for woof, so i can fix any mistakes they make in it for multi player other wise youll find me in world of tanks
  5. Spare Book

    ohh if i only had the funds right now i defintly would be a pmming
  6. A Lloyd C.V of my very own?

    think it may be this one the Schwarzlose 7/12 http://www.wwiaviation.com/german_guns.html
  7. A Lloyd C.V of my very own?

    on the cv is the obs gun a schworlze mg?
  8. A Lloyd C.V of my very own?

    wow last time i saw anything that crazy yosimie sam was fying it in dumb patrol
  9. dont worry bh your body shop guys willhave work very soon i promise
  10. to all italy addon testers

    tester when you go to the site please click on the folder to open it up then you can dl each file in it indivually, other wise you willhave to have a premium account to dl an entire folder at one time,, sorry for mistake on my part of not informing you all of this before hand
  11. to all italy addon testers

    testers please let me know if you have any troubles, or need help
  12. to those that have been selected to test the intial files, you have been contacted thru pm wiht links, please honor my request and do not post or share any info that you have as far as pw, or dl links, these are for our own private use, and not to be publically uploaded and for your personal use only i do hope that you can abide by this request, i have always tried to not intentionally infringe on the off teams copywrite,and would hold my addon tester to this same standard,, i would also ask you allto keep any discussion private or open about the italy addo to this forum only(combat ace) thank you stump
  13. An Idea re:- Italian Campaign

    bh to be honest the only reason idid so was not only to discourge ppl form trying to flythem and notbeing able to in quick combat, and were designed to be used in a mission builders role for add in enjoyment my intention tho was all along tha if ppl wantded to fly them then i woul dbe able to instruct ppl how to,, when you recive the tester package there is information explaing this a lil more though....

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