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Try A Night Mission..

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set up a night mission,or dusk,and look around the sky...something news been added-theres a moon now and it changes phases.

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Yes VERY nice...! ;)


The game has developed pretty well now with the release of the 2nd patch. The campaigns are really enjoyable now. There's a lot of "life" - for example I was on a CAS mission; my targets were enemy T54 tanks. When I finally reached the targets I saw an intense battle going on down low. At least 30 tanks were fighting against each other in a furious fight. It was breath-taking! I haven't seen anything like this in any other Combat-Sim up to now


The FMs have become much more realistic too. No more roll inertia YES!!!! :lol:

However if you try some of the AI planes like the B57 Canberra you will see that these planes still need some tweaking in terms of flight modeling. The Migs on the other hand are pretty fine I think - but the Canberra for example flies like an UFO (try it out... roll 45° to any side and then pull the rudder in this same side - you'll be able to "hover" above the scenery and at the same time attack anything below)

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