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  1. il-2 mods

    Why should anybody waste time on making a band-aid F15/16/18 for IL-2 when there's so many other sims that either already have these flyable (LockOn) or prodive much better support for their advanced avionics (SF series). IL-2 is a WW2 sim and should stay in that era, any time spent on a jet thats past 1960 is time wasted IMO
  2. Yea the AIM-4 is not too much of a use but sometimes I just like a challenge
  3. Hi guys, I've recently updated all 4 of my TW games (SFP1, WoV, WoE, WoI) to the Oct2008 patch standard and since then I cant for the life of me get the AIM-4 Falcon to show up on the loadout screen in any of them. I've tried to adjust some missile properties via the weapon editor but no joy up to now. This is the data for the AIM-4D: TypeName=AIM-4D FullName=AIM-4D Falcon ModelName=aim-4d Mass=66.000000 Diameter=0.166000 Length=2.060000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.364000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.580000 AttachmentType=USAF SpecificStationCode=AIM4 NationName=USAF StartYear=1963 EndYear=1972 Availability=2 BaseQuantity=4 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1966 ExportEndYear=1972 ExportAvailability=1 WeaponDataType=1 RailLaunched=TRUE RocketPod=FALSE Retarded=FALSE FinStabilized=TRUE SpinStabilized=FALSE HasGrowl=TRUE EffectClassName=SmallMissileEffects ReleaseDelay=2.000000 WarheadType=0 Explosives=18.000000 FusingDistance=0.000000 ClusterBomblets=0 ClusterDispersion=0.000000 GuidanceType=10 Accuracy=70 MaxTurnRate=14.000000 MaxLaunchG=2.000000 LockonChance=40 LaunchReliability=60 ArmingTime=2.300000 SeekerFOV=4.000000 SeekerGimbleLimit=25.000000 SeekerTrackRate=11.000000 SeekerRange=9600.000000 MinLaunchRange=1500.000000 MaxLaunchRange=9600.000000 Duration=20.000000 CounterCountermeasure=40.000000 NoiseRejection=40.000000 CapabilityFlags=0x00000200 LoftAngle=0.000000 DescentAngle=0.000000 MaxLoftAltitude=0.000000 CLmax=5.984000 MinFreq=0.000000 MaxFreq=0.000000 BoosterStart=0.000000 BoosterDuration=2.200000 BoosterAccel=55.000000 BoosterEffectName=MissileFireEffect BoosterSoundName=Missile BoosterNodeName= BoosterPosition=0.000000,-1.456000,0.000000 SustainerDuration=0.000000 SustainerAccel=0.000000 SustainerEffectName= SustainerSoundName= SustainerPosition=0.000000,-1.456000,0.000000 InFlightEffectName=MissileInFlightEffect InFlightSoundName= ReleaseAnimationID=-1 EODisplayFlags=0 CEP=0.000000 Any clues as to what can be changed in order to have it on the armament screen again?
  4. Well broken down the Sparrows and early Sidewinders have the following (dis)advantages: AIM-7s: (+) All aspect from the very first model meaning that you can fire them at a target from any angle as long as your are within min/max range (+) They go for an intercept course rather than a pure pursuit which means the amount of Gs needed to follow a target are minimized (-) The C-E models are useless at short distances, later models from the E-2 onwards can also be launch successfully from relatively short ranges (-) They all need the carrier aircraft to luminate the target aircraft from launch to impact rendering it vulnerable to counterattacks early AIM-9s: (+) can be fired from very close ranges (+) they do not need the carrier aircraft to have a radar lock on the target, simply point them at the exhaust and wait for the missile tone, then shoot (+) they can usually sustain a greater G load than the Sparrows (-) being rear aspect only they follow their target in pure pursuit which leads to the missile to maneuver most of the time and thus bleading a lot of speed --> short range (-) can be avoided relatively easily by just turning very sharply into one direction and thus turning the exhaust away from the seeker head As already said the Sidewinders beginning with the Lima model are WORLDS better than their predecessors
  5. I will have a look and fiddle around with the Weaponposition values of the StingerSite, I hope that that's going to fix it!
  6. Do you mean the "FIM-92.lod" model that also came with a dual-IR helicopter rack? I've tested the model with the StingerSite but it seems there is some error with the dimensions of either the StingerSite launcher or the missile because the latter sticks out quite a bit from the launcher.
  7. BTW, if anybody's interested I can upload the SA-2D and E/EN launchers which are just modifications of the existing Guideline launchers made to make use of these new missiles and their capabilities PPS: The FIM-43C as well as the FIM-92s are intended for use with the StingerSite, the SA-7/14/16/18 with the SA-7 Gremlin launcher
  8. Hi guys, I just popped by to post some of my SAM missile tweaks that I have spent a lot of time with recently (researching & testing, etc.) to share with everyone, see the included text file for the data! Included are the NIKE Ajax, NIKE Hercules, MIM-23A/B/C Hawk, FIM-43C Redeye, FIM-92A&C Stinger, SA-2D/E/EN(nuclear), SA-3, SA-5&5N(nuclear), SA-7, SA-8, SA-9, SA-13&13M, SA-14, SA-15, SA-16, SA-18, SA-19&19M(active radar homing) Booster/Sustainer settings are based on real life values that I could find (for example: I found that the stock SA-8 values in the Weaponspack are far too low for the missile to get airborne). PS: Make sure that your SAM launchers are using the right missile designations (see data.inis) and that the min/max missile ranges correspond with the weapon datas! HF and merry holidays to you all SAMs.txt
  9. Wow they do work now! Thanks a lot for the help Gonna have to keep an eye out for those trigger-happy Igla gunners
  10. Thanks for your reply and for pointing that out! I thought that the "show missile" command only represents a visual parameter and determines wether or not the missile is shown on the launch platform, as the SA-18 is tube launched I thought I could as well switch that off because it wont be visible anyway... Gonna switch it back on to "TRUE" and see if it helps!
  11. Favourite loadout? F4G with 3xAIM-7M, 1xALQ-131, 4xAIM-9M, 2xALARM, 10xCBU52 Can't beat that!
  12. Ah, might as well put the weapon attributes in here: Hope that might also clear things up!!
  13. Hi everybody! I wanted to know if someone could help me out with the following: I have installed the SAMs that come with the Mirage Factory weapons pack, among them the SA-7 grail and a Stinger Site but I cant for some reason make them fire missiles at aircraft that should actually be in range of their weapons and in good aspect (engines pointed at IR sensor). Furthermore I have on the basis of these 2 SAMs made my own SA-14 / -16 and -18s as well as a Redeye and a FIM-92C Stinger Site which wont fire either. They all just turn and point their launchers at bogies but wont launch I have made sure that the correct weapon is assigned in the SAMs "data.ini" file and have adjusted the weapon properties via the editor accordingly. Did I overlook some vital parameter in there somewhere maybe!? I'm posting the RedeyeSite and SA-18 data.inis here: [ and ] tags are ( and ) respectively Everything besides the Manpads is working ingame, wether SA5s, SA3s, SA13s, Tor-1s, etc... PS: I'm using a combined WoV/WoE installed patched to the lastest standards and the July06 weaponspack (plus the objects from the MF pack) Any help is greatly appreciated!! :yes:
  14. File Name: CanopyMod for SF/WoV (Sp3.2) File Submitter: Firehawk File Submitted: 19 Nov 2005 File Category: SF Object Mods Features: -A4B/C/E/F -F100D -F104G -F4B/C/D/E/J -MiG17 (F) -MiG19S -MiG21F/MF/PFM/PFV -Su7BM Click here to download this file

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