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Desert Target Zone Campaign-1965 "All In!"

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Desert Target Zone Campaign-1965 "All In!"

For SFP1/Gold and SF2.


Final version of this campaign. Tested in SFP1 but did a quick CTD check in SF-2 and it seemed OK. Not sure if the "All In" concept is a good way to go with campaigns. Probably better to have some re-supply to generate more variety. This is a simple campaign using stock aircraft but it's quite easy to modify campaigns with different dates and aircraft so check out the CombatAce knowledge base for more info. To run this you will need either the original Desert Target Zone, available here, or the SF2 version here.


Player flyable aircraft are the F-4b[Marines], A-4C[Marines], A-4b[Dhimari Foreign Air Legion, aka MERC] or the F-100D[MERC also]. Non flyables are the MiG-19S, MiG-21F, MiG-17F and SU-7BM for Paran.


MAIN FEATURES: Easy Install, Real time missions possible in about 30 minutes, and quite a bit of mayhem in a small area!



Frame Rates: You will probably have to reduce your usual graphics settings.

Mercs: I haven't enabled the money feature but some instructions included if you want to try it out.

Front Line: I noticed a corrupted front line during the quick SF-2 check but it went away after a couple of missions.


CAMPAIGN SCENARIO: With increasing oil wealth, the Empire of Paran has been purchasing increasing amounts of Soviet made tanks and aircraft. The Kingdom of Dhimar has been slow to respond. The Royal Dhimari Air Force has mercenary [Dhimari Foreign Air Legion] as well as regular force pilots. The DFAL has one squadron of F-100's and one of A-4B's. The regular force has two squadrons of F-100's.

Shah Komar believes the time to attack is now. His main concern is the U.S./Dhimar defence pact of 1943. Since that time the U.S.A. has kept a permanent air contingent in Dhimar. Presently, that task is being carried out by the United States Marine Corps. To neutralize the U.S. threat, Shah Komar has struck a back room deal with the Soviets. They will blockade the Gulf of Paran, claiming to the world that it is to "contain" the conflict. Surrounding countries will be threatened with attack by Paran if they allow resupply flights. No replacement tanks, no replacement aircraft, both countries are "All In!".


WAIVERS: You can do what you like with this file on a freeware basis.


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