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  1. Tornado full flap "heavy mass" take-off.
  2. Stary's old bombsight?

    I was wondering about this bomb sight, which is available with some downloads: I haven't found any instructions yet. Stary's Yak-28B bomb sight looks interesting. Will check it out.
  3. Thanks Gepard, at this point I'm not sure how to best implement the MiG-21 flap system but will do some testing.
  4. Very difficult to find the problem without more information but typos in the aircraft.ini or cockpit.ini are good places to check. You may want to check out this late model westernized MiG-21 which might be a better starting point for your project. https://combatace.com/files/file/11543-mig-21-lancer-a-c/
  5. I spent some time trying to find more information on the MiG-21 flap arrangement but didn't find any solid information. I did find enough to agree with Gepard, the flap set up wasn't considered a combat flap. Described as a "Floating Flap" or "Swimming Flap" the maximum deployment angle depended on aircraft speed. For example, during approach to land you would select flap 25deg but if the speed was relatively high, the flap wouldn't deploy the full 25deg but some lower angle. As the speed decreased the flap would continue to deploy until at the "right" speed it would reach 25deg. I assume it would work in reverse as well. I didn't find any evidence that any of the later versions such as the LanceR or Bison received a dedicated combat flap but India did some wind tunnel testing with models in 1985, investigating the potential for combat flaps on the MiG-21. There is some anecdotal information suggesting the floating flap may have had some benefit during combat maneuvering but probably at quite low airspeed and possibly more for defensive maneuvers as the drag would be quite high from the "simple" flaps. I did watch a LanceR airshow video with the plane maneuvering and doing rolls with extended flaps but couldn't tell if the flaps were moving through a range of travel. At some point MiG-21's were equipped with a Boundary Layer Control system [AKA Blown Flap] that worked when the flaps were in the landing position. The early versions didn't have the BLC system and that seems to be reflected in the stock TW FM's, with the early F-13 having less flap lift than the later versions. I don't think the early versions had the floating flap set up either, so the two systems might have been implemented at the same time. I haven't found any solid info on the speed range for the floating flap but the present speed range is probably too high with possibly too much lift as well but will leave it "as is" until I get more information. I found more support for reduced main rack weights, in the 24-28KG range. Also, the MiG-21Bis did get a slightly enlarged air intake as well as some refinements to the ducting. It also received some structural refinements to increase strength while avoiding a significant weight increase.
  6. I will look into this closer but have seen a couple of online sources that seem to suggest a combat flap set up available on later versions. A manual combat flap set up might be a possibility as well, and maybe preferable, but would need more info on limit speeds. Your comments on the air intake are interesting and something I was wondering about. I'm just using a standard TW mach table for the "special regime" but thought it might not be the most realistic approach due to potential airflow limitations with the small intake. Finding good data regarding the thrust available over the mach/altitude range for the special regime would be very difficult, I think.
  7. Not familiar with those kinds of things, could you just make a late version? I took a close look at the thrust output from the stock engine data and it hits the fourth afterburner stage/full thrust at about 92% throttle. The emergency thrust kicks in at about 98-99% throttle so the present dead zone looks OK. If you target 94-96% throttle position you will get full standard thrust when desired, without engaging the emergency thrust.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I wasn't aware of that one. Will look into it.
  10. I found some interesting MiG -21 data online so did a mini review of the ThirdWire flight model to see if there was any room to improve the performance a bit. Regarding the aerodynamics everything looked good and any changes that would have been made based on the data would have resulted in slightly worse performance so I left it as is. Best areas to improve performance were some adjustments to rack weights, some potential adjustments to empty weights on some versions but not the Bis, implementation of a combat flap set up for the later versions, and a work around for the Bis series to model the very large emergency thrust setting that was available below 4km/13123ft. There was a 3 minute limit on that system but it's not modeled. Might try something in the future to get an engine blow up at some point past 3 minutes but it's low priority. Here's some info on the changes: Engine Boost: I've been aware of this capability for a long time but didn't think it could be modeled. Turns out, it can! The engine afterburner mach tables use the same altitude table as the dry mach tables so what I did was add a second engine to the Mig-21Bis, but it supplies thrust in afterburner only. It adds additional thrust bringing the total thrust to 21825lbs static. At 13000ft the altitude table included with the second engine starts cutting down on the thrust until it's completely gone at 14000ft. The additional fuel consumption with the added thrust is modeled but it's not as bad as I suggested in a screen shot. After fixing a mistake the fuel lasts around 4 to 4 1/2 minutes but the fuel consumption and thrust can vary quite a bit depending on mach number and altitude. The additional thrust activates at about 98% throttle so to conserve fuel you will want to use the AB with discretion. It just occurred to me now I might be able to set the main engine up so it gets it's max thrust around 90-95% which would leave a bit of a dead zone between the main and second engine. Will give that a test at some point. Combat Flaps: This system appeared on the later versions, possibly first appearing on late production PFM's but not 100% sure about that. A graph showed the additional lift from the combat flaps that was available at speeds up to mach 0.90. I'm not sure how they worked in RL but these ones are just set to automatic mach and are fully deployed at 0.30 mach and fully retracted at 0.90mach with a continuous variation between points. The combat flap system worked between 0deg and 25deg flap angle. With the automatic combat flaps the landing flap setting is no longer available. Rack and empty weights: With the smallish low lift delta wing the MiG-21 suffers badly from increased weight. Any legitimate weight savings would help a lot. Anyway, from the info I was looking at the weight of the main racks was considerably lighter than the TW values so I made some adjustments. Aircraft empty weights need more research but the Bis looks about right and the MF looks too heavy by about 240kg. Any further information on these topics would be appreciated. Here are beta test FM's for the Bis and Bis-B: MiG-21BisFM's0.95.zip
  11. Stary's old bombsight?

    Second that. An instruction manual would be good.
  12. "What If" you could model the over 20,000lbs thrust on the Mig-21 Bis that was available below 4KM/13123ft? One thing you could do is a loop right after take off. You could also burn all of your internal fuel in less than 3 minutes. Open beta tester will be uploaded soon.
  13. Excellent! A collection of generic and low poly high rise buildings would be most welcome!
  14. An AI controlled CF-100 fires some air to air rockets and actually hits what he's aiming at. I got the one in the lower left corner. I also hit some hangars and barracks and destroyed a friendly fuel truck but they can't prove it.
  15. Just another rocket test........................

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