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  1. My new computer has an integrated sound card, as did the previous. The first computer I ran SF on I bought the cheap sound card that fixed the SF com stutter. It is a very annoying problem but, like I said, no obvious fix that I'm aware of. It might be game related or maybe just an odd bottleneck on some computers.
  2. I have had this problem off and on over the years so you're not the only one. Unfortunately, I don't know the cause but have fixed it in the past using different approaches. A dedicated but cheap sound card worked once for me. Another time I think a ram increase helped if I remember correctly. With my latest computer, only one year old, the curse returned. [ When Red Crown talks, the whole world stops. What a Princess!] This time around I had to install SF2 on the SSD instead of the standard drive. I should have got a much larger SSD but it's only big enough for the OS and a few smaller games.
  3. I have the same issue with those cranes as well. They appear in the "TARGET" editor but not in game and I don't have a clue why.
  4. The timed fuse flak is more or less useless in it's stock form. If you placed 1000 flak guns around Berlin or where ever it might be useful but that's not really practical so about the only option is to use an unrealistic warhead weight, as demonstrated. That's the approach used in the SF-2V expansion. At one time there was a way to increase the flak effectiveness my networking the guns and it did work for me in SF-1 but doesn't seem to help much, if at all, in SF-2.
  5. Here's an updated landing gear section for the TU-160. I got the main gear oleo's working in the proper direction and also got the main wheels rotating as well as some other edit's. Don't forget, this plane was posted as a beta/wip so you will probably find all kinds of issues and the FM is VERY undeveloped. // Landing Gears --------------------------------------------------------- [NoseGear] SystemType=LANDING_GEAR Retractable=TRUE DeployTime=10.0 AnimationID=1 DragArea=2.5 HideGearNode=TRUE ModelNodeName=gear_frnt ShockNodeName=Front_Shock ShockTravelAxis=Z-AXIS ShockStroke=0.6 SpringFactor=4.5 DampingFactor=4.0 WheelNodeName=tire_front RotationAxis=X-Axis ReverseWheelRotation=FALSE RollingRadius=0.425 CastoringWheel=TRUE CastoringNodeName=Castor_Front Steerable=TRUE MaxSteeringSpeed=41.15 Locking=FALSE MaxSteeringAngle=50.0 InputName=YAW_CONTROL ControlRate=1.0 HasBrakes=FALSE RollingCoefficient=0.01 MaxDeploySpeed=129.48 [LeftMainGear] SystemType=LANDING_GEAR Retractable=TRUE DeployTime=13.0 DragArea=5.0 AnimationID=1 HideGearNode=TRUE ModelNodeName=Gear_left ShockNodeName=shock_l ShockTravelAxis=Y-AXIS ShockStroke=0.8 SpringFactor=7.5 DampingFactor=6.0 WheelNodeName001=Wheel_L1 WheelNodeName002=Wheel_L2 WheelNodeName003=Wheel_L3 WheelNodeName004=Wheel_L4 RotationAxis=X-Axis RollingRadius=0.608 CastoringWheel=FALSE HasBrakes=TRUE BrakingCoefficient=0.75 RollingCoefficient=0.01 MaxDeploySpeed=129.48 [RightMainGear] SystemType=LANDING_GEAR Retractable=TRUE DeployTime=13.0 DragArea=5.0 AnimationID=1 HideGearNode=FALSE ModelNodeName=Gear_Right ShockNodeName=Shock_r ShockTravelAxis=Y-AXIS ShockStroke=0.8 SpringFactor=7.5 DampingFactor=6.0 WheelNodeName001=Wheel_R1 WheelNodeName002=Wheel_R2 WheelNodeName003=Wheel_R3 WheelNodeName004=Wheel_R4 RotationAxis=X-Axis RollingRadius=0.608 CastoringWheel=FALSE HasBrakes=TRUE BrakingCoefficient=0.75 RollingCoefficient=0.01 MaxDeploySpeed=129.48
  6. I think I understand. Crawford, you noticed the issue when checking over the TU-160 in Mue's Lod viewer, correct? All 3 gear shocks are set on Animation ID-7 but as you noticed, the nose shock travel is incorrect. The TU-160 in game doesn't have that problem because the animation ID-7 is not being used. The shocks are set independently using the node name and travel axis approach. After some testing "in game" I noticed issues with the main gear shock travel axis so will try and fix that by adjusting the ShockTravelAxis=XXX. Will pass along the changes.
  7. Posted on the Tu-160 download thread as well. Getting proper up/down motion on my version, beta 0.91 [NoseGear] ShockNodeName=Front_Shock ShockTravelAxis=Z-AXIS
  8. That's odd. It works fine on my old beta test version. Do you have these nose gear entries with this version? [NoseGear] ShockNodeName=Front_Shock ShockTravelAxis=Z-AXIS
  9. There is a "game issue" regarding the take off behavior. I've concluded there is an invisible vertical waypoint that the AI aircraft target after take off. This causes the steep low speed AI climb outs you see after take off. Also, there are things going on with the aircraft weight when under AI / autopilot control. If IIRC, the weight of the external loadout is ignored. Having said that, there could be an FM issue as well. What airplane are you having issues with?
  10. Same here. I bought a new Dell late last year without having a clue and it's working OK but I find that with Mues extended fade mod, some environmental enhancements, high res skins /cockpits, and lots of terrain tods I still get occasional frame rate chop. I went a bit cheap on the ram at 16GB. Also, even with my previous computer, the new graphics cards/drivers don't seem to handle old games very well.
  11. Glad to hear from you UllyB! Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery! I'm still available for FM work should anyone wish to pick up on UllyB's project. Just keep me away from the weapon stuff, please!
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Great photo! The runway layout is what I remember from some earlier basic research.
  14. Sorry, wrong thread for an attempt at humor.
  15. I think you missed the . [joke]

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