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  2. That could work well. They could have a date range so they only show up in the Channel during the early Battle of Britain phase. A bit off topic, but the BoB2 sim has the Battle of Britain campaign modeled in 4 distinct phases, with one of them called "Convoys".
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  4. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review.

    I'd be a bit hesitant about shelling out money on a force feedback stick for SF/FE. I had a Logitech Wingman Force 3D and was never happy with it after trying various settings over a few months. It didn't have many buttons either. Not sure if the problems were related to the stick itself or maybe force feedback isn't enabled very well in the ThirdWire sims but it might be worth looking for more feedback specific to SF/FE. I still have a Logitech Formula Force GP steering wheel that has been excellent for the half dozen or so driving games I've used over the years. Always possible to get good "feel" with every game I tried.
  5. A few "Somewhere over New Dhimar" screenshots. Thanks to KJakker for resurrecting the thread with Mue's extended fade mod I actually tried it out this time and was really impressed! It adds a lot of visual depth to terrains and my old rig held up quite well over the coastal desert areas but noticeable frame rate hits when further inland over heavily treed areas. [over 1000 trees/buildings on some tiles] Ended up removing the mod to maintain frame rates during large fur balls but it was worth the look and it might get me computer shopping soon. The coastal desert area has been getting a major overhaul. All the farm tiles have been changed to orchards and moved into the mountain areas, with one exception. I never found the combination of desert and farm tiles very convincing on the stock terrain so I'm trying to get a drier desert look with some date palm plantations here and there and everything connected by roads. Will also be adding some building clusters along the roads and a few single tile walled towns in the flat areas along the main roads. Mue views, trees still showing color on the far side of the city: Over the Kerman Valley, the one desert area with farm/orchard tiles: The roads are getting some work but it's been a difficult process. The paved roads will be quite straight in the desert and high plains area but all the rest will have a more winding look. Just have to figure out how to do that! This has been a long slow project but once I get the coastal desert finished I'm going to work inland and fix all the other areas I'm not happy with while also doing some targeting. Definitely not "2 weeks". Maybe sometime in 2020 for version 1.
  6. That's an interesting idea and one I have thought about. Even my simplified approach to WW2 FM's consumes a surprising amount of time and at this point I find WW2 to big to bother with considering the amount of different aircraft involved and the lack of availability for some models. Getting back to Streakeagle's comments, many of the WW2 fighters used similar airfoils so it is quite possible to put together a "generic" FM that could be fine tuned to get "decent" results for specific aircraft. Unfortunately, the Spitfire and Mustang, both modeled by Thirdwire, have unique airfoils so aren't particularly good choices to use as a base for a generic WW2 FM. The S-99 is a bit better but even that one has some uniqueness with the slat installation. A confession, I did use some aspects of the TW S-99 FM as a bit of an experiment when putting together a FW-190 FM and got it to perform more or less as I wanted it to but it did require much tinkering. But that's the other issue as noted by Streakeagle. It's hard to get accurate turn performance data for the old WW2 fighters so I based desired turn performance on anecdotal information and sometimes on Soviet turn time tests. The results are still impressionistic. The Spitfire turns better than the BF-109 which turns better than the FW-190 which turns about the same as the Hawker Tempest and Typhoon and they all turn better than a P-47. I still like the idea of a European Air War type sim based on the TW game because of the trim free zone and for myself I wouldn't even bother with any torque/P-factor and whatever else is available because it probably wouldn't be accurate anyway. Unfortunately, the work required is immense and there are other sims available for that era that would probably be a better choice for anyone interested.
  7. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review.

    Got the new Logitec Extreme 3D Pro installed and it works great! Compared to the old one I had which was probably just worn out, the new one has noticeably better precision, no on center "drifting" which was the main problem with the old one, plus the centering spring is much firmer. After all these years, it's still a good product.
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  9. Anyone else having an issue with the rocket pods not showing in game? The strange thing is, the rocket pods are part of the model, named RP_Left and RP_Right so shouldn't need a model name in the data ini and the paint for the rocket pod is done in the skin files, green for NATO/BAF and silver for the NORAD version so the JPEG I included with the MK-4A[NORAD] and MK-5[BAF] shouldn't be required. The RCAF MK-4[NATO] did have the XXRP lod included but that was a mistake and the data ini has been updated so that pod should be deleted and the pod included with MK-4a or MK-5 used. Having said all that, there were some issues during beta testing when the pods weren't showing up so I am wondering if anyone else is having problems. I've been testing the pod included with the MK-4A and for me it works for the 4B[NATO] and MK-5[BAF] as well.
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  13. Oops! Thanks Paulo, I will try and get that sorted out today.
  14. View File SF2 CF-100 MK-4A NORAD This package represents the CF-100 MK-4A version as used by the RCAF in Canada. The squadrons/skins were based in Canada so this pack isn't a good fit for a typical install and should only be used in a North American focused install. The date range is a bit of a guess but considering the start up dates for some of the squadrons, the weapon trials that were required, as well as aircraft deliveries to operational training units, I think the introduction to front line service was around June, 1954.The higher thrust MK4B was introduced around March,1955, and I'm assuming any front line MK4A's would have been upgraded with the more powerful Orenda 11 engines during heavy maintenance checks so the MK4A gets phased out one year after the introduction of the MK-4B. With the short date range for the MK4A not all the CF-100 Squadrons are represented with this package but they will be when the MK-4B and MK-5 packages are released. I'm using the NORAD suffix to avoid any confusion with the European versions although the CF-100 MK4 service introduction pre-dates NORAD by about 3 years. The skin jpeg's are quite large and I've noticed some frame rate issues when flying over Hi Res terrains but no issues over the stock terrains. The model does use distance lods. CREDITS: Sundowner: Aircraft model, cockpit model, various ini work, some skin work, research. 1977Frenchie: Skins, decals, hangar and loading screens, research. Baffmeister: Flight model, some ini work, some research, package compilation and readme. Wilches: Beta testing and research. Crusader: Research The Canberra_2 engine sound and Mk3 ejection seat are included but not sure who made them. There is also a CF-100windsound which I might have made but don't remember for certain. More information and installation instructions included in the ReadMe. This package is subject to the CombatAce Modders Licensing Agreement Submitter baffmeister Submitted 10/18/2019 Category Other Origin  

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