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Strike Fighters -- New A/c

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Now that we have the 2nd patch, which fixes most of the bugs in the SIM, maybe TK could dedicate his work on new flyable aircraft.


This is my idea: There are a lot of different aircraft addons already available. I myself have tried out many of them and I have to say they are all very impressive. However most of the Flight Models are somewhat questionable. Maybe we could handle this like it is done with "IL2 Forgotten Battles"


The 3rd party modelers stick to creating the 3D model and cockpit (and maybe also weapon models required for this specific plane). When that's done they send their creation to TK who then gives them an authentic flight model... this would speed up the development and also increase the quality of these addon-planes!!


What do you think?

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Guest capun

So you expect to pay for the models?


For a lot of the devs, this is a hobby, for TK it is his livelihood. I don't think the has the manpower to do what you are asking for.

What it may work is if TK provides us with the info to make the FM (thus reducing the FM issues) and then have a select group of volunteers to test the model under different conditions.

But even that you will never satisfy people, do you want the model realistic or playable? What is playable is also not 100% agreed upon by all people.

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