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Good Afternoon Chaps.


I like padlocking :biggrin: , and I would like to map padlock toggle to keys other than the default Button 8. I have just started using AutoHotkeys and have tried the following:


Joy5::send {`} AND

Joy5::send {asc 96} (the ascii code for grave/accent) AND

Joy5::send {asc 0096},


each of which produces nice grave/accents in Notepad and Word, but which have no effect in OFF/BHaH. (The joystick button 8 does have the desired effect, but on my Saitek X-45 it sits in a horrible position. Also the keyboard button has the correct effect too.) I have assigned the above code to nearly every button on the joystick also with no effect, so it is not just a bad button on the stick.


Is there something about the way the game accepts these commands which means I should try something different?


(I have similar problems with F1 in Red Baron.)


Maybe if one of the gurus could help me please.





BTW: I just LOVE this game. Except for Red Baron's Massive Multiplayer, which I can host from my own home PC, it does everything else I like from Red Baron and probably much more, but I am still learning.

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Hello Charles,


First of all, welcome to OFF and welcome to this forum. Some very helpful people here, and I'm sure if you have trouble with anything, just come here and ask, we'll do our best to help you out, I'm sure.


OK. I had trouble understanding the "padlock" command when I first started out. See this thread...



What I was doing wrong was being in an external view, then hitting the Accent Key. This (apparently) does nothing. But if you are in virtual cockpit, or in a cockpit view, the currently selected target will be padlocked for you.


You said you like padlock, so I'm guessing you're experienced in combat using this device (some here will call it a "cheat" and waffle on about how it wasn't available in 1916, so it has no right to be here. Please read the posts advising against using it, for it does create bad habits (and if you read the thread you'll see that I crashed using it because I was forced into a target fixation mindset). If you're experienced at using this device, please feel free to do so.


Like I said, you probably made the same error I did, and expected padlock to show an external view from your aircraft showing the direction and orientation to your selected target (higher or lower, in front or behind etc). Hop into cockpit view, then press "`" (Accent).


If you purchase TrackIR, (read the many threads here on its use) you will never use padlock again. Your eyes become your padlock. Thoroughly recommended by all here.


Once again, welcome. Good Luck. Blue Skies.

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Going to assume you would prefer to use your profile, rather than use the cfs3 controler utility, but you can use both, meaning that if you have a key free on your x45, you can assign it a funtion in cfs3 contoller properties



Start something that gives you the hanger dropdown,,,i suggest goint into quickcombat thru the workshop (not the cfsqc on the main screen)...


when you have the qc medal, hit escape to bring down the hanger dropdown, and select controls....click on controls,,,and find "paddloc view..toggle"..dbl click it, and its waiting for you to assing a key to that command,,,hit the accent key,,,and then you have to tab to the ok,,,and when ok is highlighted,,hit enter,,,now that key is assigned to padlock view


or,,if you want to use the profiler,,,just assign the key you want to use for padlock to the accent key...


if you notice in the off3 controller utility,,if you assign a key to a function, it does not replace the original keystroke for that command with what you just entered,,,it adds another map to the function.


so if ` is for padlock,,,and you assing joy23 to padlock,,,you should end up with 2 entries for padlock in the controller section,,,one will be the original `, the other will be joy23..


hope that helps,,,

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Thanks for the info, Chaps.


I shall try changing the mapping in the cfs utility, and see if the problem might relate to my joystick rather than the particular character used for the toggle function. I guess my question relates almost more to Autohotkeys. I am "up in the air" (chuckle) about which bits of X-45 work with Vista ... which I might post about on another thread, so lots of things are running around in my head at present.


I LOVE padlock. It is the way one's head moves when flying and chasing an enemy, but I always have a toggle switch mapped onto one of the main buttons of my joystick so I can check my position with respect to earth as well as the enemy.


I have a track IR 4 Pro, but I get literally airsick after 10 minutes of use ... hot, sweaty, tired, pale and nearly throw up. I think need to get used to it, but my main computer is dying at present and my laptop I think will not cope with OFF plus Track IR. I think the planes and the weather patterns look gorgeous in OFF and I could watch them for hours, which is my plan.



George (but Charles is a very gentlemanly name too!)

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Over the years, some have indeed complained about Trackir in that way. My advise to them was standard:


Go see an MD, if the problem persists, as the over the counter stuff is trash, get a perscription


Then check if the Drug is available in CANADA. If Yes then that's the way to go



But keep a Bucket Handy . . . . . you can ruin your keyboard :biggrin:


I understand the IR from Track IR is very low intensity but I am not totally sure it is completely safe for the eyes (long term) if one is too close to the transmitter. I think they recommend being 18 inches away from the device. Should be fine at that distance from what I have read from the manufacturer.

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