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Anybody tried it like in the old "Wings" game?

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what i want to try as soon as my current pilot dies, is to pick him up with a new pilot the following day at the same squad with the same members. so i can continue my franchise with a new character. in the old amiga game "wings" it was like this. if you die, you make a new rookie pilot with new name and no stats at all and continue where the pilot before left. like a new main actor who enters the movie and the story around him continues.

would be cool to see a wingman, who was a rookie some month ago and lost his mate (me) as a veteran, who leads the newbie to the front (either me)


so when my current pilot dies, i could make a new one in the same squad, overwrite the date in the file and copy all the pilots from the old file into the new one, overwriting the generated pilots.

did anybody try this before? if so, did it work?

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