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  1. You can always advance to the next mission as well, which is mostly a later daytime of the same day. Advancing hours goes up to 3 hours. What you can do is to advance 3 hours, leave the campaign and enter it again. Then you can again advance up to 3 hours from the daytime you left before etc.
  2. Hi Jara, your included effectfiles are not uptodate with BHAH2. Cheers
  3. @JJJ: realistic tracer mod

    The included effects file is not uptodate. Lot of BHAH2 stuff missing.
  4. JSGME

    Not sure if Multimod is of any use, but if someone should use multimod, i would strongly recommend to not use this thing where you can set the firing distance since that would break and distort the balance when the they are firing at you. Also the visuals, distance of visible tracers etc. would break. Regarding the other stuff I don't know. Cheers
  5. After a fierce fight landing next to the downed opponent... Beautiful Albert
  6. pronounce "Richtofen"?

    In Richthofen "ch" is pronounced like the "h" in "human", while the "h" in hofen is prononced like the "h" in hotel. best is simply to look at youtube for some german documentaries about Richthofen. There one will hear the name pronounced correctly often enough. I think I have never heard in any english documentary Richthofen to be pronounced correctly. here is one german documentary. Although from the 70ies IMO it's one of the best I've seen so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB9svMx6JQY
  7. Still alive!

    Hi Javito. How are things? btw. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/372/1/Wings:_Over_Flanders_Fields is the official forum now, though it's cool that there is still some life in this place.
  8. I'm Confused What Is WOFF?

    Go to: http://overflandersfields.com/index.html and look at the vids and pics. You won't be disappointed. There is nothing aged. Forget the 2% snippet which is necessary from the CFS3 engine. There is nothing at all left from this engine. Also go to WOFF's main forum: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/372/1/Wings_Over_Flanders_Fields
  9. Anyone Heard From Typhoon?

    That's great news, Tony
  10. Where is everyone?

    They are all here: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/372/1/Wings_Over_Flanders_Fields
  11. For those who haven't noticed yet and are still on the fence http://overflandersfields.com/BuyNow.html
  12. Anyone Heard From Typhoon?

    Glad to hear it's getting better, Tony. I hope some day soon the kids will see you again in the ballpark umpiring or at least watching. Cheers
  13. Time Warp?

    WOFF got rid of the P3 Warp, which was faulty anyway. In WOFF you can accelerate time up to 16x. Everything happens in real time while you use it. Similar to the old Red Baron 3d if you remember. So to shorten things you can hit autopilot and then time acceleration. You are right, time is precious those days.
  14. You jump into the Gunnerseat and watch around with TrackIr and use your joystick for aiming. No mouse or stuff like that.

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