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Mission Editor Interface Ideas

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There is another thread on mission editor capabilities, but I thought I would start a new one to submit suggestions for the actual user interface for an editor to make it easy to use and efficient yet powerful.


My own suggestions are as follows;


The editor supporting high resolutions and working in a window. Custom resolutions, different from the main page would be nice too. It would be great to be able to run the editor in a 3200x1200 window across a multi screen monitor setup. Also this would require scaleable fonts most likely.


The editor needs the maximum screen space devoted to the map. In Il2 they do this, but at the expense of having to use a clunky object viewer window, with a small scroll window for objects that is hard to click on with the mouse pointer. Icons placed around the edge of the map screen (with popup descriptors for icon function) with objects on one side, and possibly functions and a status bar across the top or bottom. The status bar with a constant pointer grid location readout and right click enabled distance tool as in LOMAC is nice.


The ability to assign colors for all waypoint groups to assist in identification.


The theater map having a grid system, that changes it's grid size as the map zooms in and out.


The ability to zoom in and out easily, like by using mouse scroll wheel, a max zoom reset button, and being able to highlight an area by dragging a square around an area by holding left click while tracing the square and zoom into it when released.(Or by holding shift while left clicked)


An IL2 style 2d/3d map view. 2d map representation when zoomed out for speed, switching to real 3d map when zoomed in. Also the ability to zoom in on a placed unit and view it while panning around using the game graphics engine, once again as in Il2 when pressing enter while highlighting a unit.


Hotkeys for common functions like delete, unit properties, or briefing/map conditions menus. Also to be able to copy and paste units/squadrons, and to be able to copy and paste to the briefing windows (big issue for me).


The ability to hide briefings and plane type/loadouts from the opposing side when making a mission with clients on both sides. When the mission is played you only see the brief/planes for your country. (yes if they choose to click on the other country they can see it) Also the ability to assign the briefing pic/trak file to a certain side.




I really want to thank the dev's for asking for suggestions, and wish them all the best in this endeavour. I am excited to fly the A-4 (as well as the others) as it has been nearly 20 years since I used to work on them.


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