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Any Squadrons Looking For A Friendly Match?

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I am in a Clan called BIA that play many games mostly FPS Games.

However a few of us play Flight Sims such as IL-2/FB and LOMAC.


Since 1.1 patch came out the game seems more playable and Stable.

Therefore i would like to try some MP against non BIA Flyers.


I am thinking of perhaps 3-4 of us taking on another squad probably this weekend.


The questions are


1) Is anyone here interested?


2) How would we do this? Direct I.P or HyperLobby?


3) Gameplay?

What would the game consist off?


Attack/Defend of either Ground or Air Targets? etc


Let me know Asap if interested.



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TAW is DEFINITELY interested, both Il2 and LO, all the same.


We've been looking for a friendly scrim ever since, and were unable to find any non-European ones, so this is a blessing, so to speak!


We hold our LO practices on thursday at 8pm EST, so anytime then, or on the weekend is fine for us!!!


email me for details: jenikov_taw@hotmail.com <<also MSN addy.


PS: our site: www.theartofwarfare.net

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