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  1. He-yo! I'm Jenikov from www.theartofwarfare.net, and we're a 4+ year old team, playing mostly FPS, and lockon is so far our only simulation game, but we have a very enthusiastic bunch, and need more! We also want to help develop competition in our community, by doing some friendly challenges with the rest of the teams, until at least one ladder picks up! So, if you're interested in either checking us out, or playign with us, visit www.theartofwarfare.net or email me jenikov_taw@hotmail.com
  2. www.theartofwarfare.net We have recently adopted LO, and now we feature IL2, you don't have to specialize, play both and have fun!
  3. Will do, but a much greater bunch plays it on HyperLobby, we're there more often, but we'll check it out.
  4. Taw Welcoming Pilots And Challenges!

    Ping you? /ping GhostDog? lol, i don't get it! Thanks a bunch though, dude.
  5. TAW is DEFINITELY interested, both Il2 and LO, all the same. We've been looking for a friendly scrim ever since, and were unable to find any non-European ones, so this is a blessing, so to speak! We hold our LO practices on thursday at 8pm EST, so anytime then, or on the weekend is fine for us!!! email me for details: jenikov_taw@hotmail.com <<also MSN addy. PS: our site: www.theartofwarfare.net
  6. Taw Welcoming Pilots And Challenges!

    Thanks, i really appreciate it Dog.
  7. Would anyone care to have a friendly scrim to start some friendly competition before ladders open up? If so, please contact me, Jenikov at jenikov_taw@hotmail.com We are a team of more than 250 members spanning half a dozen FPS games, and a new addition, lockon.
  8. Skins Visible?

    Now thats just totally uncool. Can you say: Il2?
  9. Did you edit BOTH L and R files?
  10. Is there any way to import your own texture so OTHER people can see it online?

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