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Jasta 4 Online Campaign

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Mein Herren!


Please find below the daily report covering Jasta 4 operations for the 14th February 1917:


Mission 1 - Attack on Enemy Ground Forces - T/O 08:24



Sitting Duck - A Flt Commander

Burning Beard

von Dudley

von Baur




The Jasta was tasked to conduct a ground strike on the British salient west of Lille. During the transit the foramtion witnessed elements of two other Jastas engaged with enemy reconnaissance aircraft accompanied by escorts but did not engage, however, 10KM short of the target the Jasta was attacked by a large formation of Sopwith Pups escorting BE2Cs. In the ensuing combat 5 Sopwith Pups were downd and all of the BE2Cs for the loss of one Albatross piloted by Sitting Duck and one damaged. The pilot FRO, managed to land at a frienly airfield with no further incident. The following kills were confirmed for members of the Jasta: Axgrinder - 1 BE2C, Burning Beard - 1 Sopwith Pup, von Baur - 1 Sopwith Pup and 1 BE2C, von Dudley - 1 Sopwith Pup. A further 2 Sopwiths were downed by the Jasta commander, but in keeping with standing orders no claim will be submitted for these last two aircraft. The Jasta duly arrived at the target area and straffed a column of enemy trucks attempting to resupply enemy forces in the area - all were destroyed.


Mission 2 - Partol over Friendly Territory - T/O 12:14



Burning Beard - A Flt Commander

von Dudley




Sitting Duck - B Flt Commander

von Baur



The Jasta was tasked to conduct a patrol of the local area around Mont Saint Martin as forward observers had reported a large formation of aircraft crossing the lines to the northwest of the airfield. While still in the climb the Jasta was bounced by a large formation of DH2s from 24 Sqn RFC. The enemy shot down two of our pilots during the first pass and in the ensuing combat shot down a further two including von Baur, to date our highest scoring pilot with 6 kills. Although Axgrinder accounted for 2 of the enemy aircraft, only three of our pilots managed to return to base.


Mission 3 - Patrol over Enemy Lines - T/O 15:34



von Dudley - A Flt Commander

Burning Beard

von Baur


Due to the casualties sustained dueing the midday patrol, only limited pilots were available for the final sortie of the day. During the patrol the flight engaged two formations of enemy aircraft accounting for five for the loss of Burning Beard who suffered a catastrophic airframe failure when his Albatros shed its lower wing whilst in pursuit of a DH2. The tally was as follows: von Dudley - 2 FE2Bs, von Baur - 1 DH2 and 2 FE2Bs.


The current tally of active pilots/kills is as follows:

Axgrinder - 4

Leadtongue - 4

von Baur - 3

FRO - 3

von Dudley - 2

Griphos - 1


During the campaign, our highest scoring pilot was von Baur with 6 kills before his death


This concludes the Jasta 4 online campaign.


Submitted respectfully on 14th February 1917,


Vasco :pilotfly:

Commanding Officer Jasta 4

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