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Albatros D.V Jasta 15 Pack

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Here's a skin pack of Albatros D.Vs of Jasta 15, 1918



They include-


Alb. D.V of Oblt. Walter Dingel

Alb. D.V of Ltn. Oliver von Beaulieu-Marconnay(25 Victories, Blue Max)

Alb. D.V of Ltn. George von Hantelmann (28 Victories)

Alb. D.V of Offz-Stv. Johannes Klein (16 Victories)

Alb. D.V formerly of L.d.R. Arthur Rahn (6 Victories)

Alb. D.V of L.d.R. Paul Strähle (14 Victories)

Alb. D.V of Oblt. Ernst Turck (1 Victory)

Alb. D,V of L.d.R. Josef Veltjens (35 Victories, Blue Max)

Alb. D.V of an unknown pilot, marked with a star of David


For more historical accuracy, these are skinned as Albatros D.V, rather than D.Va.


Please Enjoy!


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Very nice indeed! I must add an extra thanks for the effort to get them correct.


Now if I can get out of Photoshop long enough to fly a few, I'll be able to fully enjoy them as intended.





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He Saltfiskur! :clapping:

You´ve must been very busy at the last days, I supose. :blink:


Thank you very very much for this beautifull planes and also for this plenty of other Albatros-Skins.


It will take a lot of time to fly and enjoy them all :heat:



THANKS!! :notworthy:


Edited by matzeb

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Yep!...Very impressive. :good:


Lovely attention to detail. You obviously know your stuff!


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next...Oh, wait a minute...That's the Fokker D.VIII!


Way to go! :clapping:

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