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  1. Yes I did change the 130 &150 hp works fine thanks again.
  2. Thanks Crawford works a treat on the 110
  3. Any new mods is most appreciated thanks for taking the time. FE2 is the only WW1 sim I enjoy.
  4. Atmospheric Improvements

    Nice one VonS can you include these effects in your next FMs update they look realy good, Thanks
  5. Thanks VonS for all you do for FE2 and the great FMs and a 9.5 version on its way wow do you not sleep, 2018 looks good for FE2 you know I have WOFFUE and ROF but never fly them its always FE2 now that you have given us the wonderful FMs. Thanks again.
  6. Pilot to high

    I lowered the pilot in the Pfalz EII for a starter the original setting was "Position=0.0,-0.03,0.4" this is what I ended up with "Position=0.0,-0.03,0.3" I did try "Position=0.0,-0.03,0.2" and to be honest I think that was best but I setteled for the 0.0,-0.03,0.3 I would like to know what others think Thanks for reply geezer and other guys.
  7. Pilot to high

    Thanks guys will play around but first I will back up the file.
  8. Please can anyone tell me what INI do I change to lower a pilot in the cockpit in my opinion some of the pilots seem to be sitting a little too high.
  9. New Aircraft

    Geezer the teezer man these are so good I must have them, wonderful work what I like is there are no square bits the wheels are round and what should be round is round. Just take as long as you need but bare in mind I am 73 and well you know what I mean. Thanks for all you do.
  10. Questions, Questions

    Hi Vons this sim do's provide us with a lot of fun I think I get more fun modding than flying, with regarding flying you look like you will be sighted in a divorce case my wife says I need to come to bed and stop flying but your flight settings and files have transformed this sim for me in a way it is so much challenging I tried the Fokker E1 wow now if one brings down a enemy it is more luck than good flying but I do like it thanks again for all you do for this sim you make a old man happy.
  11. Questions, Questions

    Hi trotsk00 now I downloaded the Fokker DIII as you have in your posting and put it in my aircraft folder and no prop so came out and put both fast/slow prop in the skins folders and there they were I had the prop showing. So the next thing was to try the Fokker DIII in a new vanilla install of FE2 and guess what the same thing happened to show props the files have to be in the skins folder. So that was a new FE2 NOT modded only the controls for the joystick. Not related to the above skins I pressed F7 to cycle the ground objects in a army co-operation and I see Tanks now in my modded FE2 I never see Tanks.
  12. Questions, Questions

    Thanks for that but like I say I do not see the prop if the files are not in the relavent skin folder, theres always one on a forum and it looks like me today, any way thanks again.
  13. Questions, Questions

    Thanks for that trotski00 do take care and do not rely on the NHS (only joking ) maybe you can add something I do not like to keep asking VonS all the time. It is the slow prop and the fast prop files without them in the skins folders I do not see the props. As you say you make skins can you or VonS expand on this.
  14. Questions, Questions

    Thank so much VonS for your very quick reply, you are the man.
  15. 1 This is for Vons and his excellent Tweaked Flight Models and Realism Pack for FE2 how should I set the difficulty at the moment I have it set to NORMAL. 2 In some of the planes I downloaded from here I see files SLOW PROP, FAST PROP, up to now I copy them and paste them into the skins folders is this correct and what about the HOLES files do I move them as well ? 3 Do any of the Ai run out of ammo and can they see me in the clouds Ok I know this is asking a lot from a old (but good sim). 4 Years ago when I had FE2 running I would see Tank battles going on on the ground I no longer see any at all am I missing some files. 5 In a quick mission what is the best setting so I will see the enemy I seem to be flying a lot of quick missions and not seeing any enemy I understand WW1 was a lot of the time pilots never see the enemy . Ok that,s it for now and a very big thanks to all for making FE2 my fav sim.

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