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  1. WOW not only did you sort out the telephone poles and cows the building roofs no longer flicker only had time to try it in the Flanders terrain the "BlendOp=BLEND_SRC_ALPHA" did the trick I am for ever saying Thanks,
  2. Thanks VonS I had noticed the telephone poles, cows, ect and thought I was missing a file so I just ignored them it is not that I straff cows. Me and FE2 go back a long time but it is only now with your Data ini's for the planes and other thing that has renewed my interest the problem is time and I am retired. Still geat fun and it is a learning thing as well.
  3. Enjoying my modded so much FE2, a quick question I downloaded some WW1 AIRFIELD FIGURES but no readme I could find were do I put them do they go in the terrain folders like say Flanders. I have added some Cavalry for first Eagles and Infantry units can any one recomend any other ground objects. Thanks.
  4. Problems with my FE2

    Sorted thanks I put you on my Christmas list for a crate of Whisky.
  5. Problems with my FE2

    yep VonS MY FE2 is up and running as sweet as a nut the only problem I have is going to bed it is getting in the way of my flying, thank you for the new planes. Could I ask you I know I have been been a pain and do keep on but I was wondering how do I get the blip switch to work I understand it is for the DR1 and Camel now I have programed a button on my Saitek X52 PRO stick but it do's not seem to work my install of FE2 has on the opening screen MARCH 2010 in the bottom right hand corner I understand this is the update have I got it right, I am running Windows 7 64 BIT.
  6. Problems with my FE2

    Ho now that's nice the Hanriot HD1 is so much better I so glad I reinstalled FE2 I backed up a lot of the planes on disc but I do not have the HD2 I have the HD1 Duel that has two guns is the HD2 the same. Thank you again you have made a old man very happy I like the WW1 sims I have WOFFUE and ROF but never well very rarely fly them what a shame ROF had so much to offer I wished someone would take it up, but in this world it seems only consoles and Super Mario are making money no one wants WW1 sims. Ho well im happy with what I have.
  7. Problems with my FE2

    I have been taking a look at the default planes data ini after extracting them with the cat extracter and they all seem not to have any reference to ai data, now this is the default FE2 NOTHING added looking at nearly all the planes on take off they go well for a while then climb at around something like a 45 degree angle then level off no WW1 plane could do that apart from perhaps the Fokker D7F. Now I hope I am not getting too critical of the sim just tell me if I am, it is old but good and it seems one could spend the rest of one's life trying to get it right ai is not easy in any sim WOFF has the best but I do not like the way the planes fly for me they have no feelings but then thats me. Please let me know it you have any breakthrough VonS with your editing, I think I may just not look behind me when I take off and hope they are still with me maybe they have all been drinking.
  8. Problems with my FE2

    Sure is a laugh some of the ai on take off I installed the Hanriot HD1 and HD1 Duel well they took off then whent vertical then looping the loop I just stayed on the ground and watch the flight show, looks like these will be deleted. once again thanks for the replys very kind of you I will have a mess with the HD1 ai data.
  9. Problems with my FE2

    No luck with the custom particlesys.ini file, with it in there is no gun flash so out it came and the gun flash returned. Thank you for trying. I have had a look at the file and there are a lot of entries Bombs, Rockets, dust ect, I may backup the file and try taking out some that relate to the gun flash's if I can find them. Another idea is I have leaned how to use the Cat File extractor so if I can find the default file and compare it to the modded one.
  10. Problems with my FE2

    Getting on well now with the new install, can I ask you a few questions for VonS 1- what is the _MACOSX folder in the download I have not used it. 2 - what are all the . DS STORE files I have not used them. 3 - the only way I can get all the planes guns to show the flash's is to take out the PARTIClES SYSTEM file in the flight folder the sim runs ok with it out what do's it do and do I need it, all the other files for the planes I have. 4 - is there any way of stopping the ai on take off of flying straight up in a vertical flight for a short time. Loving the sim and the way the ai rear gunners work then a enemy plane is on them I put the sim on auto pilot and just scrol through the action. Thanks to you VonS and others for all the time put into this sim.
  11. Problems with my FE2

    Wow Thank you VonS for taking the time most helpful, looks like it is another late night for me.
  12. Problems with my FE2

    Edit - I have a clean install FE2 runs ok, so installed the FM and Realism pack only the Albatros D3 (160) was modded with the Data ini and I lost the gun flashes and plane sound, have made new folders for the FM and Realism pack Ground Objects ect. Sorry to be a pain in the back.
  13. Problems with my FE2

    Thank you so much for taking the time and your help. Vons the FM and Realism pack I installed like you say in your reply but did not have the 4 folders for the alternative theaters only one I noticed the planes lost there sound in the Data INI the sound for a plane was diffrent to the ones I had in my sound folder. I will give it another go with a clean install for now I only want the western front . Heck I see in your OBJECTS folder you have cockpit INI and other plane INI should these not go in the velevent plane folder?
  14. Problems with my FE2

    Thanks Heck for your reply I think a lot of my problems started when I installed the Tweaked flight models and realism pack for FE2 I got so many problems it must be me at 74 things are not the same I think I will knock FE2 on the head for now I have spent so much time trying to get it right and not flying it, if something is not right I can not live with it and keep messing till I get it right but I am not getting any where. thanks again for your reply.
  15. Hi Iam having problem after problem with my FE2 install my PC went down and I lost all the add-ons, I have reinstalled FE2 and trying to add the aircraft and terrains I had but I can not download it keeps telling me I need to wait can only download so much. I never realised there were so much in my install, is it at all poss to obtain a download with a modded version of the saved games folder I am running Windows 7 64 Bit ? One thing that has me foxed is my new install the planes have lost there gun flashes. And where do the ground objects go into what folder. My new install seems all mixed up. Thanks. I

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