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  1. A New EAW Install

    Thanks for help I just disconected my rudder pedals and joysticks and just had the Microsoft sidewinder and all was ok I was back in time what a blast. Now to back up my EAW then see if I can mod it, I still have my GREAT SHOT mod cd from years ago that maybe enough for me. I feel like I have just won the lottery and I have IL2 GB / MSFS 2020 / XPLANE 12 and others on my PC but for fun EAW has them all licked one mans meat another mans ---
  2. A New EAW Install

    Well you could have knocked me down I decided to try the install on my Windows 10 PC and the menu /sound and everything else was working the only thing I need now is to get it to see my joystick I have a old Microsoft sidewinder, also the ones I use a Thrustmaster T16000m FCS and turtel beach rudder pedals. I will give it a rest for now and try tomorrow thanks for any help may come back to you if I can not get the joystick to work I did see the sim sees the keyboard but I can not fly that way.
  3. A New EAW Install

    Thanks for the reply I copied the files off the cd to a new folder and called it EAW then installed the 1.2 patch and got the error 7217 so did a bit of digging and found the 1.28c patch fired up the EAW exe and got the screen was all garbled I could hear the music ok but could not see the menu so now im at a loss. I did back up the 1.2 game so I can go back to it.
  4. A New EAW Install

    I have purchased a older laptop with the intention of installing EAW the laptop is Windows 7 64bit when I tried to install my EAW from a disc it say the disk is 32 32bit so I can not install were can I get a EAW that is 64 bit?
  5. a lighter WOFF

    I will look into it thanks for reply
  6. How can I make WOFF look lighter even with a quick mission in the summer and just light clouds the cockpit and suroundings look too dark. I do not want to change my PC or monitor settings they are ok for any other sims. I put a screen of my settings in WOFF
  7. I have had to reinstall Windows 10 and I reinstalled WOFF BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL 2 it asked me for the reference number and I do not have one I have the receipt from 2Checkout/OBD Software Ltd with my order number and date purchased grand total £51.96 I put the order number in but no good so how do I find out my ref number. Please help I am lost with out WOFF. EDIT I have it sorted it seems I had the caps on when I typed it all well now.
  8. Thanks for posting Heck I still fly FE from time to time if I want a quick blast, still good to look at and fly.
  9. Screen resalution

    Thank you guys for the fast reply I used VonS and worked a treat. I am going to back up my ini file and try wilches just to see thanks again. Stay safe.
  10. Please can any one tell me the best screen resolution for my FE2 I am running a 2560 X 1080 wide screen I have tried nearly all settings in my FE2 and the outside the plane looks stretched in the cockpit looks very wide. Running Windows 10 NO problems with game at all. Thanks
  11. Thank you very nice addition.
  12. A difficult one this

    Thanks for that Vons so good to hear that you have the same problem not good for you I know mate, I will try the compatibility mode set it for Windows 7. Still find after all this time FE2 and your great plane mod has me hooked you have transformed this sim for me. My SF2 WW2 Europe and PTO are good but not as good as FE2 have you worked any of your magic on SF2 WW2 (not interested in modern jets). Thanks.
  13. A difficult one this

    Just a little update on my beloved FE2 After Loading FE2 and in the thick of things enjoying it the game it crashed to the taskbar and this went on after many tries, so I rebooted my PC loaded up FE2 and all went well no problems tried many planes and many weather settings and all was well, enjoyed a trouble free one hour or so. If it happens again I will reboot and see what happens will report back.
  14. A difficult one this

    Thanks for the reply a fresh install WOW so much has been added to my FE2/SF2 , I will try to take notes on what Planes/Terrain i was using when it go's to the taskbar.
  15. Like I say a difficult one this, my heavily modded both FE2 and My SF2 sometimes crash to the Taskbar click on the icon on the taskbar and game will load and then crash to the taskbar not all the time just sometimes. I just reboot Windows 10 and most times it's ok. I have tried various setting in the games graphics, Running Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB card, 12GB Ram, Intel core i5-4690K CPU, 2 SSD Hard drives PC will run anything have no problems with any other game (seem to only flay FE2 or SF2 ). Hard one this it seems it's the game it runs fine when it runs no stuttering or any other problems only the Crash to the Taskbar, so any one any ideas thanks?

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