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  1. The future of First Eagles

    I agree with 33LIMA and SKY HIGH regarding the ai in ROF and I have the Flying Circus and all the other theaters (no im not a rich man I just have to have them) and the ai is no better in FC it is just the same as ROF, BUT I just like the way the planes fly and the terrain if it was just a flight sim and not a combat flight sim then IL2 Sturmovik Battles would be just perfect for me. FE has a lot to offer so dos WOFF UE to a lot of folk but they are for me 20th century sims and I want the eye candy and a 21st century sim, we all have our likes and dislikes, unfortunatly combat flight sims do not make money today kids want Battlefields so there is no money and it is this that game makers look at so one of the reasons I have supported the new IL2 is if we do not then NO combat flight sims. RIBob you have nothing to loose if your PC will run it download ROF you jet 2 Planes and best of all it is FREE. Just one tip buy a SSD hard drive I purchased a Samsung SSD EVO and it is the best thing I ever put in my PC.
  2. The future of First Eagles

    Rise of Flight is FREE to download and at the moment they are selling off the planes very cheep https://riseofflight.com/store/ you can mod ROF but not like First Eagles.
  3. I had this turn off all your unlimited in OPTIONS , GRAPHICS , set them to high.
  4. Wow nice still a lot of life left in these old sims, I have just reinstalled my old CFS2 I wanted the Pacific theater and modded it with lots of stuff off S.O.H and what fun it is even for a old boy like me in my mid 70s (still a kid). Lots of add-on's on the S.O.H Combat flight center site. Please I do not wish to high jack this great forum with CFS2 stuff so keep it to FE2 and S.O.H is the place for Microsoft combat flight sim 2 stuff and forum.
  5. New Aircraft

    I like very much thanks for your time it is most appreciated.
  6. Atmospheric Improvements

    Thanks for that.
  7. Atmospheric Improvements

    Wow now that looks just too real VonS, one thing I have noticed what I have now in my install when the plane is on fire the fire can go out after a while I would have thought with canvas and wood it would never go out, still love this sim.
  8. A very big thanks to all that have made FE2 what it is modded I wont say who for fear of missing someone but thank you all. Now my question it's regarding the graphics settings in FE2 I have every thing on high is it of any use using the ultimate settings on any thing.
  9. Just had to share this, after shooting the rear gunner in a Hannover CL111 he jumped or was pushed from his rear pit when I had a closer look only his boots were still there.
  10. Just great thanks. Just wished some of the other plane skins in FE2 were this good.
  11. Yes I did change the 130 &150 hp works fine thanks again.
  12. Thanks Crawford works a treat on the 110
  13. Any new mods is most appreciated thanks for taking the time. FE2 is the only WW1 sim I enjoy.
  14. Atmospheric Improvements

    Nice one VonS can you include these effects in your next FMs update they look realy good, Thanks
  15. Thanks VonS for all you do for FE2 and the great FMs and a 9.5 version on its way wow do you not sleep, 2018 looks good for FE2 you know I have WOFFUE and ROF but never fly them its always FE2 now that you have given us the wonderful FMs. Thanks again.

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