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Anybody Here Play Cossacks???

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Just wondering if there are any RTS fans here... specifically Cossacks and American Conquest players.


Here's a screen of the upcoming Cossacks II


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That looks too familiar for comfort, haha. In fact, that might be me right in the center. Look for the guy with a shaved head, full dress uniform wearing cross webbing undr arms and a shako.

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There are two games from the same company, that run on basically the same engine. Cossacks and its two X-packs (The Art of War, and Back to War [stand alone]). And then there is American Conquest and its stand alone X-pack; AC Fight Back.


Cossacks deals with Europe in the 17th and 18th century. There's like 20 countries, each with different tech trees (similar IMHO) and certain unique units for each country; examples: Highlanders for England/Britain, Stelets for Russia, etc, etc. Cossacks has fair land scapes but pretty good looking units, especially some of the unique infantry units. Also the 3D ships are very cool, even though there movements are somewhat unrealistic. The AI is pretty predictable but stopping an onslaught of 2000 troops tends to be a bitch if unprepared.


American Conquest is a much better looking game, but it too has its faults. There are not many units, and you cant build walls or towers, and naval action is somewhat restricted and dull. However, AC is unique because it revolves around European colonialism and the USA is available also. Various Indian tribes are available to play, all with special abilities. I feel that this game was geared more towards the indians, because the Euro's and Americans are basically the same, where as certain tribes are very distinguishable; example: the Suoix have loads of cheap and quickly created cavalry, while the Iroqois have only one mounted unit and it takes forever to make the damn thing, and it sucks anyway. But if you envision massive columns of American Revolutionaries pouring musket fire into British lines, then this may be the game for you. Fight Back adds a few civs; Eskimo's, and Russians (although I seem to be having sound issues with it at the moment).


Cossacks and American Conquest offer something never before done in RTS.... thousands of individually controlable units. I believe Cossacks is like 8000 max, AC may be more than that. But beware, large numbers of units tend to lag PC's, I can usually run the game with 3-4 nations with no problems, but a fifth creates major lag.


The screenshot I posted originally is from Cossacks II (due out Q3 of this year). It has a revamped engine, and deals with the Napoleonic Wars. The two countries in the screenshot are France and Austria. Cossacks II is supposed to allow for 10's of thousands of units................... sick :P .


Here's a couple o screens this one is from AC; more at http://www.americanconquest.de/english/index1.htm


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