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Guest Ranger332

For inter-cockpit communications, either a hot or cold mike operation is possible. With "hot mike," the aircrew can freely talk together, just as two people would over a telephone. This provides all the advantages of instant availability, but it can be noisy and bothersome, particularly when a poorly operating oxygen regulator lets the sounds of breathing get onto the wires. You get to know your flying buddy quite well when you have to listen to his every breath, inhaling and exhaling, over several hours! This feature, very troublesome in early Phantoms, started a whole series of ready room jokes about Gaspers, Wheezers, Garglers, Whistlers, Grunters, and Moaners.


One very young Phantom flight officer, on his first ride, suddenly let go with an ear splitting roar as the pilot instructor was demonstrating a high "g" turning maneuver. The pilot, momentarily deafened by the blast resounding in his ears, was sure that some horrible accident had occurred back aft. He immediately headed for home, broadcasting Maydays en route, and landed as rapidly as he could. Shutting down at the runway's end, he clambered back to the rear cockpit to find the hale, hearty, but thoroughly bewildered young fellow sitting there.


"What in hell was that roar about?" the outraged instructor demanded.


"Oh, that, sir," breathed the cherubic Ensign, "They told me at Pensacola that I could take more "g"s by making my stomach muscles hard, and that shouting was a good way to do it."

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