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  1. Where To Play Online?

    Hey Fates, I'll PM you the IP next time I get on CoD. That would be cool if AA had the kill cam! 2.0 rocks now that I got my account back! It was lost for a while along with the 12000 unfortunate others. At least it all got sorted out though, I would hate to have to retrain and work back up to 32 honor(not alot by all means, but enough to play SF) I'll keep my eye out for ya :)
  2. Where To Play Online?

    XO, check for the ClansElite server I am usually on there [3rdArmy]Shadow_Hunter is my name
  3. Retirement

    Hey, next time you're on MOHAA, check out server Its the FPS version part of my squad. FPS = TSF (Tactical Strike Force) Flight Sim = PG (Pursuit Group) On there, I'm known as [TSF]Uto Raptor{352}. Hope to see you there! I definately willl check it out!!!
  4. Retirement

    They are still RIO's, but you couldn't pay me enough to sit backseat anymore!! The first 3 years were spent as a RIO. After that I piloted. The most fun I had though was flyin RIO for the Squads XO
  5. Retirement

    Well Sir, I got out as an O-5, Commander. I spent 9 years with the VF 143, Hence the Virtual 143 I command. The "retirement" was on the same basis as a med retirement, but was for something else. In short, my actions toward an enlisted man earned me a letter of reprimand that has completely halted all avenues of advancement, so it was either a staff job for the next 8 yrs, or make way for fresh, lesser paid officers. SecNAV personally approved and signed off on my retirement OK and approved the award of pension and benefits. I am quite proud of my accomplishment in the Navy, as would be anyone who spent the better part of their life in a cockpit of the finest fighting force this United States has to offer. I am not however proud of my actions that led to my early out. While I was suffice in my reasons for doing so, I put someone elses life at risk to prove a point. While smoking dope while on duty at sea, in my book earned the little bastard the 2 minutes of hanging his ass over the lifelines and getting his as chewed, earned me my doom in the USN. Surfing the net is quite easy from ship, as long as you know the comms officer for as long as you've been in the service :) There is a few networks on big ships. The network that the Skipper is on is totally seperate from the network the officers can use for personal pleasure. This is for a few reasons, 1 being the fact that the Skipper doesn't need his transmissions being hacked by his own crew, and don't think some of the boneheaded enlisted men don't try. The Squadron CO's are on the skippers net, so with the propper password...VOILA I'm in like flynn.
  6. Retirement

    Well I put in my papers 2 months ago, and it's now official. I am a Retarded...I mean Retired Sailor. 12 good years behind me now. Guess I'll be seein ya all a bit more now. I really got into MOHAA and Call of Duty, so I mostly play those games now, but I'll still fly now and then. If you see Shadow Hunter around ... thats me... new name for new games lol Good to be back
  7. I have this game and it SUCKS !! The realism is there, but it is sooo technical that you have 75 keystrokes before you even take off. And not to mention the CTD all the time. Graphics are good, really good, but the manual for the game is 247 pages long. By the time your done reading it your head hurts so bad you don't even wanna play it :)
  8. What Do You Think Of The New Forums?

    One thing I just noticed. I cant seem to get back to the main biohaz news page from the forums. Maybe I am blind and don't see the link, but I can't seem to find a way back without opening the page, or going back alot of times
  9. What Do You Think Of The New Forums?

    That's weird, I go back and forward here without any issues. Is anyone else having this prob? Yes and no. I get the page expired error only when in the user control panel, when I am in the forum threads I can go back and forth freely with no problems.
  10. What Do You Think Of The New Forums?

    gifs are allowed, and your sig format is correct. However, the image doesn't seem to be at that location, I tried going to the link and the file's missing. :P Fixed My server was down for a while and I was too busy to mess with it at the time. :)\ Sorry for the troubles X.O.
  11. New Arrival

    My 4th child will be born on Monday the 6th of October!!! The Doc says its a girl, so that makes 2 of each.
  12. AAO 2.0

    But stealing one is all the fun
  13. No A2A weapon can match the Phoenix. Not in tracking tasks, or in range
  14. SCRAPPED NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO How could it be?? Is it really true?? Damn if it is. I been waitin on that plane too. Oh well, it was gonna be a bitch of a project if I remember correctly.
  15. Fast Eagle......you still around?

    I exist!!! I have finnished my current assignment, and am currentlyawaiting deployment. It is once again leave time...the worst part of my year And Chief... In light of the events we discussed earlier, it cost me a promotion to Capt. Damn smokers lol

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