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F/A-18 Pits converted for SF2 series Updated 27 March 2011

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F/A-18 Pits converted for SF2 series Updated 27 March 2011

27 March 2011


F/A-18A,C,E,F and EA-18G Cockpits Only.


This is converted cockpit to SF2 for the F/A-18 Hornets by

Mirage Factory and Flying Toaster BPAo and Kesselbrut.

Everythings included for Pits only.




Delete old Cockpit Dir. Copy New Cockpit Dir into each

Aircraft Folder and Drop Files into each Aircrafts Folder

and overwrite old files. Leave The RWR.Lst in the Aircrafts

root Dir.



Thanks to:


Mirage Factory

Flying Toaster



for original Cockpit






Have Fun.


Update History


Update: 18, Sep 2009

Updated Cockpit textures to littlesmoke's FA-18a panel

repaint v1.1


Update: 24, Oct 2009

Updated Cockpit Avionics files to be Compatable with SF2

Israel. should still work in the other SF2 installs too.


Update: 11, May 2010

Updated DTVFilterMaterial in avionics.ini's and *_RWR.lst's


Update: 25, Oct 2010

Smoother Cockpit and updated panel and Textures. Changed to

common name for RWR.LST file and updated list.


Update: 14, Dec 2010

updated panel, Textures and RWR.LST file.

Changed TWS distance.


Update: 27, Mar 2011

updated panel and Textures.





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