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A10 Campaign Mission 1

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yup...finished the first...can't get the second (& I uninstalled LOMAC for the time being because of some of the problems I was having)...


The 15s would take out the Migs...but the 16s would just fly around & never fire off one harm...

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Welcome to Biohaz Capt Canada


Practice makes perfect.


If you find it too hard to begin with then start by giving yourself a better loadout. Stock up with Ir guided mavericks - they have longer range and makes it easier to spot targets. Try to identify the biggest threats and engage them first. When egressing turn towards your homebase and watch that you don't overfly the two enemy airfields.

Be patient. Take it one target at a time. When you hear a launch warning, take evasive action and pop flares.

Learn from your mistakes and try again.

Eventually you will be able to kill all targets with nothing but you gun

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