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  1. Possible new home

    Lucky b...... Congrats
  2. interesting - i'll make sure it gets added to the DLs
  3. LoMac should run fine without any of the updates as far as i know. But all windows versions tend to go bad or at least slow down over time. A fresh install might be the answer... but then again...
  4. sure... Its an A10 config and i'm never satisfied so its a work-in-progress. I'm working on and a2a but i'm far from done as i dont have much time for flying these days. there isn't any layout attached but it seems logical to me and shouldn't be too difficult to fogure out and adapt to taste using the dataview. A10_GHostDog.dat
  5. Hi Boomer. I have the same stick as you and it works every time. You should try going to the options>input in LoMac and clear all keybindings for the stick: Find the tab that says "device" and select your stick. Go through the different modes and clear all bindings except for pitch, roll and rudder in the "axis" mode. Allso make sure that the throttle is correctly bound to both left and right throttle but you probably allready did that - that way nothing should conflict. Let me know if it helps GhostDog
  6. A question

    a European political front? ...i might like to see that one day. Its just a bunch of hugely different coutries currently not at war because they started a casino together and they all think they are winning
  7. A question

    as i remember is wasn't so straight forward the last time around :)
  8. looking for any new offline FPS game

    nothing much in offline military FPS sims that i know about. I have high hopes for Operation Flashpoint 2 which i think is scheduled for release early in '05
  9. Heh, I'm glad these are gonna be on our side...

    not much fun to be in one of those thingys if it gets hacked.
  10. Doom 3 - Wow!

    cant wait
  11. I have uploaded to file to the Biohaz fileserver and its now available in the LoMac>Sound part of the download section

    Thanks for the missions and nice screens
  13. new movie

    very nice
  14. a truly great novel about what really happened

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