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@ suicidal 3D work

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Hi I wanted to ask you wich max version do you use and if you need some help with some stuff, Rafale or even Viggen, mine is 2009. And if you could post evven here some pics!


I`m a big fan of teh Rafale and hope to see it in HD flying in SF2.. so if you need some 3D help just call me... maybe you know my work on the 33ub... :drinks:

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The fact that I was needing much help from a big modder as you are. :good:

I sent some MP.

But I had no answers.

I use the 3D-MAX 2009.

As for the Viggen, I'm getting help from my friend.


But I'd like to finish the Rafale of Mr Eric J...

Like Mr. JAT81500.

Who is eager to create the FM.

I have had great patience with me.


But the fact that many projects have stopped.

You would be a great help.

To finish.


Thank you very much for offering your help.

You know I am a great admirer of his models.


Gracias Martin


Marcos :drinks:

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I`m working together with JAt he creates teh FM of my 33ub an asked me already If I can help out with the Rafale, so here I am :drinks:


But this will take some time, can`t promise a release in 2009 that`s sure, the 33UB will be ready at the end of 2009 I think maybe earlier, have two other projects ongoing but that`s secret, working on different models simultanisly, so If you like oyu can send me the max file. will see what I can do , but on the first look, it`s agreat 3D model

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